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«Response I am the only research staff member who is never selected to go to conferences, and I find this unfair. The administrative requirements and ...»

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Question: Do you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns you would like to



I am the only research staff member who is never selected to go to conferences, and I find this unfair.

The administrative requirements and lack of persons with grant experience is going to reduce the number of PIs

trying to get grants without administrative support.

I like the idea of the business center model. I think it will serve our university well.

Keep everyone updated The feeling is that you are cutting jobs to save money so everyone is nervous that they are not going to have a job.

It's especially hard when there's no outline of duties that will stay in the dept.

An interesting problem was brought up in a Brown Bag I recently attended, regarding a person who had moved to the new HR staffing unit. Apparently, her department had not planned well for her departure, as her workload was not adequately distributed to new people, and work wasn't getting done. Existing departments need to understand the impact staff relocation and restructuring will have for them, and do some "succession planning" to ensure smooth transitions. When staff who have traditionally been in an area and handled a particular job suddenly move to a SSC, the rest of us who have depended on that person may be left without a valuable, trusted and knowledgeable resource.

Who will handle what that person did? Who is our new contact person in that area? This is just part of the growing pains of the process, but the more aware department chairs are (mine happens to be very well aware of the situation) the better department scan plan for restructuring.

People applying for positions at the SSC should be told exactly what their duties will be. That means knowing exactly what will be going to the centers before trying to hire people. I would not apply for a position that does not spell out what my job duties would be.

I question the premise that the SSC's will actually save money in the long run. I think there will be greater efficiency and shorter turn-around time for processing, but don't think there will be savings.

My perspective is at the graduate level only. I do not have as good of an idea of undergraduate practices or concerns.

KU has always had their own way of doing everything. Talking to friends that work at other state agencies, our systems have always been time consuming and difficult. Looks like we are making it worse instead of better.

No This is going to be a bumpy ride....so hold onto supporting people who "get it".

Make sure you have strong, straight-forward, unbiased leaders in each of the SSc's. Without strong leadership in the SSC's this could be a nightmare.

Just FYI - I don't plan on giving my correct department or job title at the end of this survey, since that would negate the intention of your "anonymous" survey.

Please make plans to do some marketing with the core of faculty and staff who will benefit from the services.

I'm curious just how anonymous the collection of this survey is actually with a UID being passed directly in the URL.

Good luck There needs to be research support above and beyond what exists now. The state side has worked with no issues in our department, it is minimal work with clearly defined rules and procedures compared to the research side which has more money and many more complications.

your survey did not make it clear that this section of questions pertained to staff working in the SSC areas affected.

Each University is unique in different ways. KU needs to do what works for them, not what works for someone else.

Apparently not...!~) KU Employee Satisfaction Survey – August 2012 Question: Do you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns you would like to share?

There is a lot of invaluable knowledge with some team members, and I think that if someone is leaving they should also train their replacement. That way, best practices are kept, and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time someone leaves. I know this is not always possible, but more often than not even when it is - it is not done this way.

I think overall the SSC is a good idea and CAN make things more efficient if it is implemented correctly and we make it conform to us. Of course, my biggest fear is it will go something like the implementation of the new T&E module which has been a disaster. We bought software that requires us to conform to it instead of it conforming to us which may have been cheaper, but requires a work around for nearly everything we do with it. Just hoping the SSC provides more benefits than "workarounds"...


Our office has been lumped in with Housing and FO - we have nothing in common with what they do.

It would have been nice to at least ask some opinion on the SSC concept rather than just announce it as a done deal.

Even if we have no real influence it's appropriate to include your workforce in major planning I'm wondering how the HR portion of GTA positions will be done. I'm assuming the department will still want to make these decisions when processing new admissions of graduate students. You'll need to keep the graduate staff in the loop.

These services will be geographically removed from the faculty, staff and students who use and request them. How will orders, requests, etc. be submitted and processed? How will communication occur? If the burden is placed on staff and students to prepare paperwork and purchase requests to the point that it can be ordered, in our unit, that is MORE work for the user appointments. We have an in-house AP/AR person to work with us and a person who handles HR/payroll and will we have to travel to a central location on campus to process our requests? It sounds like extra time away from research, teaching, and office time. Less efficient?

Yes, but here it is almost 5 o'clock!

I think the service and response time will suffer from this move. Our department takes so much pride in doing things timely and correctly... I believe the SSC's are going to really struggle with this..even after they are up and running.

The thought of doing one assembly line thing all day long is not pleasant. That is part of my job that makes it interesting and challenging.

No Good luck!

I am excited about the positive direction this is going and want to participate interactively. I am willing and ready to do anything to better the University.

I think this is going to be very positive for KU, in the long run. It will take time, understanding and patience on a large number of individuals at all levels. KU Administration has to continue to be aware of this and not let employees feel they are being demoted or shoved in a corner.

no Good luck!

Administration keeps saying that staff in the SSC's will have better career opportunities. Most people I've talked to don’t see how that can be possible. It is still a concern that staff in the SSC's will be doing 1 or 2 duties all day long.

Also, how can they be promoted within an SSC?

n/a Measurements to help demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the new SSCs might help convince the skeptics and ensure that operations are continuously improved/strengthened.

KU Employee Satisfaction Survey – August 2012 Question: Do you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns you would like to share?

You picked a great person to head this enormous change. Don't burn Jason or the other highly competent people involved out. It will take a lot of upfront time from many people to learn the "hows and whys" a unit does what it does. Too much focus on "go live" dates and trying to achieve too much too quickly may create limited success.

People need to understand the benefit to them and how it will be better (or at least not worse). If this appears to be another administrative dictated change without interaction or understanding, it's a long uphill road and will take 2-3 times as long to work since the "doers" won't support it (they won't provide the front end information needed to implement appropriately).

I am very concerned with moving pre-award into Shared-Service Centers. They are not particularly "transactional" in nature.

Why are the SSC's moving so slowly. The HR ssc moved very quickly and appeared to be implemented in a couple of months.

One of the best benefits of working for KU is the balance of family and career. Should that be taken away from employees, then I feel KU will lose quality people.

Not at this time.

I'm not sure that I really understand what an SSC is, and how it's going to affect me.

The next town hall meeting needs to be much better organized.in and felt even more wary of the SSCs forced implementation. Last meeting I left with more questions than I had going Not at this time.

I think that all grants should be run thru a SS research center. There are so many rules and regulations with different agencies that I just don't think the SSC area can handle it all and learn all the regulations. I believe that each faculty who has grants should run them thru a research Service center who specializes in administrating grants but let the PI still receive back a percentage of F&A into their PI account. That way the Research Service Center will be able to manage all their grants and salary funding. Otherwise, if they run a grant thru a Service Research Center than another thru just a SSC, it becomes more confusing trying to manage their grants from two separate places.

Please continue to share information and updates with the KU employees.

not at this time.

I have had to spend time justifying purchases to both the University and the State that are line item requirements in contracts. If the contract was approved and signed, then why do I have to get the item approved again? If the item is not approved for purchase, then the contract is not fulfilled, and we are out of compliance.

The pulse and anxiety level is very high on campus among staff in our building. Anything that can be done to change the tone and feel of that would be greatly appreciated. People are having anxious discussions about whether they should make personal purchases in fear of losing a job or hearing about other staff changes on campus like F&O or offices that are being moved to other parts of campus with little warning. I hope someone will please help KU employees that love what they do to continue to love what they do and serve the University and their departments and be able to focus on that instead of worry and anxiety. It's very real and someone needs to listen.

I would just stress above the communication and the need from input from all and not seen as coming down from above.

I'd like more information about the TSCs.


While examining the other Universities utilizing the SSC's, is the type of software being utilized to process and implement the work also being examined? It is great if the model works but the software being utilized to carry out the duties is nowhere near what we have available then maybe we will have many more "problems" because the software "can't do that”. We have this problem now without the SSC's.

Pay reduction for director and above level staff. Require Athletics Dept. to contribute a certain portion of their KU Employee Satisfaction Survey – August 2012 Question: Do you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns you would like to share?

earning to KU.

Distrust has also been formed because the company HIRED to help KU determine best practices then miraculously happened to SELL the programs they recommended. I would take it slow -- you will not get a re-do on this large of a process. Don't be afraid to admit failures/mistakes. Be flexible. Stop scaring people by not providing information and honest answers to good questions.

I think this will be a disaster!

Many employees are concerned that KU is becoming too top heavy and is slowly depleting the hard working jobs for those of us with Bachelor’s degrees and even Master's degrees. It is important to remember that most of the individuals that keep our students enrolled are the ones that don't have doctorates and work hard to make sure our students are successful of the year. Don't forget about those that are considered beneath you on the food chain.

Just that someone needs to get down to business and make some decisions (if they haven't already been made) and tell people what is going to happen. Fear is a powerful tool and it is spreading on campus now. Please help the staff understand what is going on by making some decisions and telling them.

The SSC concept is powerful and has great promise!

Resistance will happen, no matter how great the plan is, or how wonderful everything is in the end. Open communication is great, but there seems to be so much communication about this that the lines are blurring as to what is new information and what we have heard before. There seems to be an overload of communication, but with very little actual information or answers.

I'm a skeptic--"show me" doesn't only apply to Missouri.

The lack of trust and faith for KU HR in keeping quality employees with departmental relationships that have worked for decades. There are some departments which are not needing this fix.

The SSC looks like a way for KU to downsize and kick people out of their jobs, jobs they have been doing well for years. Shame.

Yes, if you are making changes here is the bottom line. DO NOT add layers of complexity or mystery to simple functions like taking an invited speaker to lunch and getting reimbursement. For example, you assume I even know what SSC stands for - you did not define it throughout the survey. Is that the kind of communication we can expect about this program? Not good.

I think the decisions have already been made and that the time I have spent here won't influence the decisions one way or another. I saw it happen with F&O being forced to the graveyard shift. Why should I expect anything different?

Don't allow negative feedback from other universities to be dismissed as disgruntled employees. Dig deeper and find out why!

Made a premature announcement about SSCs before KU was even close to implementation. This allowed KU employees ample time to worry & complain!

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