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«Recreation Plan Recreation Grants Branch State Parks Division 4200 Smith School Road • Austin, Texas 78744 © 2012 TPWD. PWD ...»

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Objective 4: Add the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department as a member agency on the Interagency Obesity Council.

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Texas Children in Nature Strategic Plan 12 Stakeholder Team Report: EDUCATION Educators and researchers recognize a growing body of evidence indicating that children who have outdoor experiences are more successful in school than those who do not. However, the amount of time children spend outdoors is much less than that experienced by their parents and grandparents. This may have a negative impact on knowledge and skill conveyed in the classroom.

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Texas Children in Nature Strategic Plan 16 Stakeholder Team Report: ACCESS As the state’s population becomes more urban and disconnected from natural resources— our lands and waters—it becomes increasingly important to provide accessible, safe and enjoyable outdoor recreation opportunities and to effectively inform and educate the public about them.

–  –  –

Texas Children in Nature Strategic Plan 20 Stakeholder Team Report: COMMUNITY It is necessary to create an effective, diverse and connected network of community organizations to deliver a consistent and unified “children in nature” message. Time and resources often challenge the networks and organizations that provide this valuable service to children and adults in a community.

–  –  –

Texas Children in Nature Strategic Plan 24 Stakeholder Team Report: MARKETING The Marketing Team examined the issue and objectives of this plan from a marketing perspective. There are many organizations that focus on motivating families to spend more time in nature, including the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Texas Forest Service, various nature preserves, county and local parks, and especially members of the Texas Children in Nature Coalition. The Texas Children in Nature Coalition was formed as an offshoot of the national Children & Nature Network that was inspired by the book Last Child in the Woods.

–  –  –


•Groups targeting unengaged families and stakeholder targets are not organized or connected in a consistent manner. Multiple grassroots efforts are creating fragmented messaging to the stakeholder target groups.

•There is no established marketing plan from a children in nature perspective to capitalize on existing efforts to address childhood obesity.

–  –  –

adolescents: Pathophysiology, Consequences, Prevention and Treatment. Faber Taylor, A., Wiley, A., Kuo, F.E., & Sullivan, W.C. 1998. Growing up in the inner

–  –  –

Kumanykia, et al. 2008. Population-based prevention of obesity. The need for California. American Institutes for Research.

comprehensive promotion of healthful eating, physical activity and energy Lieberman G, Hoody L. 2002. Closing the Achievement Gap, Using the

–  –  –

Dirnai M, Tong L, Zhang X, Chia A, Young TL, Rose KA, et al. 2009. Outdoor The Outdoor Foundation. 2009. Outdoor Recreation Participation Report.

activity and myopia in Singapore teenage children. Br. J Opthalmol; 93:997-1000. Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Title 4. Liability in Tort. Chapter 75.

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TPWD receives federal assistance from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other federal agencies. TPWD is therefore subject to Title VI of the XX%

–  –  –

All Outdoor Recreation Grant Program applications submitted to TPWD are evaluated for program eligibility and prioritized with the criteria, rating factors, and points shown in the following “Project Priority Scoring System.” Each site of a multiple site project will be scored individually using the “Project Priority Scoring System,” and individual site scores will be weighted on a pro-rata share of the total project score.

A project’s priority ranking will depend on its score in relation to the scores of other projects under consideration. Scored applications are presented to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission for approval. Funding of projects will depend on the availability of funds.

Projects which have been considered twice by the Parks & Wildlife Commission without significant alterations to raise the project score shall be withdrawn from further consideration.


Sponsor is in full compliance with previously approved projects and the Recreation Grants Branch – Local Park Grant Program Manual YES. If yes, the application will be scored and presented for award consideration.

NO. If no, the application will not be scored or considered further.

–  –  –

2. MASTER PLAN Total Range: 1-15 points Project Sponsor has locally adopted TPWD approved, parks, recreation and open space master plan that addresses outdoor recreation needs. (5 points) Project meets 3 of the top 3 priorities identified in the TPWD approved master plan (10 points) Project meets 2 of the top 3 priorities identified in the TPWD approved master plan (6 points) Project meets 1 of the top 3 priorities identified in the TPWD approved master plan (3 points)

3. RECREATION DIVERSITY Total Range: 1-10 points

Project will provide a diversity of park and recreation opportunities and facilities within the sponsor’s jurisdiction or intended project service area.

Texas Outdoor Recreation Plan Appendix G – Scoring Criteria 1 point will be awarded for each type of significant recreation category addressed in the proposal, up to 10 points, if and only if, the recreation elements are identified as a need in a locally adopted parks, recreation and open space master plan or by a documented public input process if the Sponsor does not have an adopted plan.


–  –  –

# of categories addressed: _____


Total Range: 6 points Project will provide improved water-based park and recreation opportunities.

Project provides for the development of direct and appropriate park and recreation opportunities which do not degrade the resource along existing quality natural water bodies according to the following

ranking (only the highest ranking water body will receive points) (1 – 6 points):

–  –  –

*Only water bodies so named as “rivers” may receive points under this category. All others, e.g., creeks, brooks, bayous, branches, etc., are considered “streams.” **“Ponds” are generally man-made and no larger than five surface acres. Points will not be awarded for constructing ponds under this category.


Total Range: 1-10 points Project will improve the geographic distribution or innovative use of park and recreation lands and facilities in the project’s intended service area or within the sponsor’s jurisdiction.

A. Project provides the first public park in the sponsor’s jurisdiction or intended service area (10 points); or B. Project provides significantly new and different recreation opportunities (other than school facilities) in the sponsor’s jurisdiction or intended service area (1 - 10 points). Points awarded based on

significance to the community and originality, and calculated based on:

Appendix G – Scoring Criteria Texas Outdoor Recreation Plan New & different costs X 10 = _____ Total construction costs In order to qualify for points under 5B, the need for “new and different” recreation elements must be supported in the Sponsor-adopted parks, recreation and open space master plan or through a documented public input process if the Sponsor does not have an adopted plan.

6. RECREATION vs. SUPPORT COSTS Total Range: 1-20 points Project maximizes the use of development funds for basic park and recreation opportunities.

Direct recreational facilities costs X 20 = _____ Total construction costs “Direct Recreational Facilities Costs” include only facilities related directly to recreation as opposed to support facilities, except that trees and drip irrigation may be included as recreational items. “Total Construction Costs” include park and/or recreation as well as support/infrastructure facilities, contingency, and all required program sign costs in excess of $1,000.


Total Range: 15 points Project improves park and recreation opportunities for low income, minority, and/or elderly citizens.

A. Project improves opportunities for low income citizens (income defined by the 2000 U.S. Census Income by Place and Median Household Income by State). (1 – 5 points)

–  –  –

C. Project improves opportunities for elderly citizens (1 point for each related facility or activity that is identified as a needed or desired recreation opportunity for this special population in a locally adopted master plan or by a documented public input process if the Sponsor does not have an adopted plan). (1 – 5 points) # Appropriate elderly activities: _____

–  –  –

Project involves matching funds from sources other than the sponsor and/or additional outside cooperation not involving match.

A. Project involves the contribution of resources from other public or private entities, including publicly owned non-parkland, which serves as all or part of the sponsor’s matching share of funds. Points are awarded on a percentage basis, dependent on the amount of matching funds provided by outside sources. (1 – 15 points)

–  –  –

and/or, B. Project involves cooperation between the project sponsor and other public or private entities where resources are contributed to the overall project for non-grant assisted facilities (Example: The county constructs roads/parking facilities for the city, but no grant funds are requested for roads/parking; 1 point per documented activity). (1 - 5 points) # Documented activities: _____

9. LAND ACQUISITION Total Range: 1-30 points Project provides for the ACQUISITION AND PRESERVATION/CONSERVATION of park and recreation lands, including publicly owned non-parkland, which consist of regionally representative natural resources or provide desirable wetlands, open space, water access, or needed parkland. Only the highest rank-order category below for which the criteria are met for the project will be allowed for scoring credit.

A. Project provides for the acquisition and preservation/conservation of a federal, state, or local government identified area which is recognized in an acceptable, published planning document for having valuable or vulnerable natural resources, ecological processes, or rare, threatened, or endangered species of vegetation or wildlife (5 - 30 points, based on quality and/or acreage); or B. Project provides for the acquisition and preservation/conservation of a significant wetland area (5 points, based on quality and/or acreage; or C. Project provides for the acquisition and preservation/conservation of natural open space land or water for human use and enjoyment that is relatively free of man-made structures (including creek corridors, floodways, natural drainage basins, and areas which may be enhanced for native habitat), 2 acres or larger in size, which is identified in an acceptable, published and adopted local jurisdiction-wide open space plan (5 - 20 points, based on quality and/or acreage; or D. Project proposes the acquisition of land which would provide needed public access to park and recreational waters, according to the following ranking (only the highest ranking water body will receive points). (See definitions under criteria 4.) (1 - 5 points)

–  –  –

E. Project provides for the acquisition of needed recreational land proposed for future development. (1

- 10 points)


Total range: 1-25 points Project provides for the renovation or adaptive reuse of an existing obsolete park and recreation area or facilities.

–  –  –


Total Range: 1-10 points Project promotes environmentally responsible activities and development.

Points for this category will be awarded based on the diversity, innovative nature and/or cost of the project elements. Examples of eligible activities include: the use of xeriscape/native plant materials for landscaping, drip or treated effluent irrigation systems, energy efficient lighting systems, recycled materials for facility construction, environmental education and interpretation, significant native tree plantings where no trees exist, alternative energy sources, water catchment systems, etc. (1 - 10 points) # Environmentally responsible activities/development: _____

12. LINKAGE Total range: 1-3 points Project provides a significant linkage to other parks and recreation areas, neighborhoods, or public facilities (through means other than streets and sidewalks), based on the number and significance of the linkage(s). Trails and green corridors are allowable linkages, for example.

# Significant linkages: _____

13. CULTURAL RESOURCES Total range: 1-3 points Project provides park and recreation opportunities which enhance and encourage an appreciation and preservation of site-based cultural (historical and archaeological) resources through interpretation facilities or preservation strategies.

Points are awarded based on the number and significance of the site-based resource(s).

–  –  –

14. TPWD Land and Water Resources Conservation and Recreation Plan Total Range: 1-5 points In 2010, TPWD updated the Land and Water Resources Conservation and Recreation Plan (2005 Plan). In order to make changes to the Priority Scoring System, public hearings must be held, followed by approval by the TPWD Commission. In the interim, applicants should use the 2005 Plan to address the above scoring criteria.

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