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7?=K+C+=O3a A? C!1?CI/+=3_


26 August 1999




A3E[;? A?EG?a==?'? AC+)EG!%3G+9a #C!13933 3 A?EG?a==?'?

AC+)EG!%3G+9a E?+)3=+==YM SG!G?% !;+C373 =! 7?=K+C+=O33

A? C!1?CI/+=3_ ?G 29 3_9a 1999 '?)! =! 3;a '+=+C!9[=?'? E+7C+G!Ca

7?=K+C+=O33, AC+AC?%?/)!_U++ G+7EG ;+/!;+C37!=E7?5 7?=%+=O33 ? GC!=EA!C+=G=?EG3 AC3?#C+G+=35 ?#YQ=YM %??CI/+=35, 7?G?C!a #Y9! ?)?#C+=! =! '+=+C!9[=?5 !EE!;#9++ ?C'!=31!O33 !;+C37!=E73M '?EI)!CEG% % '%!G+;!9+ 7 3_=a 1999 '?)!

3,, R,FH\ BD,BD@&@*4H\ %" "(:46F846, 4FB"F846 4 LD"PJ2F846 &"D4"HZ H,8FH" ;,0",D48"F8@6 8@&,P44 @ HD"FB"D,H@FH4 BD4@$D,H,46 @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46, 8@H@D"b $Z:" @*@$D," " ',,D":\@6 "FF"$:,, ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH& & '&"H,":, 7 4`b 1999 (@*".

;Z $Z:4 $Z BD42"H,:\Z 2" BD4bH4,,@$N@*4ZN,D B@,(@ D"FBD@FHD",4` & 8"R,FH&, @L4P4":\@(@ *@8J,H" 7@L,D,P44 B@ D"2@DJ0,4` FD,*4 &F,N *,:,("P46 (@FJ*"DFH&-R:,@& 4 JR"FH&J`V4N (@FJ*"DFH&-,R:,@&.

(B@*B4F\) (B@*B4F\) C@$,DH G. 'D,6, :.

E,:FJ 9.=. !@D4



A@FH@bZ6 BD,*FH"&4H,:\, A@FH@bZ6 BD,*FH"&4H,:\

':"&" *,:,("P44 #D"24:44 " E@,*4,ZN SH"H@& !,D484 7@L,D,P44 B@ D"2@DJ0,4` " 7@L,D,P44 B@ D"2@DJ0,4` GE.99-65695 (R) CD/1591 page 2 ;+/!;+C37!=E7!a 7?=%+=O3a ? GC!=EA!C+=G=?EG3 AC3?#C+G+=35 ?#YQ=YM %??CI/+=35 '@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH484, B"bHJb @ F&@4N @$b2"H,:\FH&"N B@ @H@T,4` 8 ?D("42"P44 ?$X,*4,ZN ="P46 4 ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH& - &@F4H\ $@:,, B@:J` :,BHJ & @H8DZH@FH\ 4 HD"FB"D,H@FH\ 2" FR,H @$," 4L@D"P4,6 @$ @DJ0,6ZN F4FH,"N, @N&"HZ&",ZN C,(4FHD@ ?D("42"P44 ?$X,*4,ZN ="P46 B@ @$ZRZ &@@DJ0,4b;

&@&\ B@*R,D84&"b &"0@FH\,0,(@*@(@ BD,*FH"&:,4b & C,(4FHD ?D("42"P44 ?$X,*4,ZN ="P46 B@ @$ZRZ &@@DJ0,4b @HR,H@& @$ 4B@DH,, ^8FB@DH,, &@,ZN 2"B"F"N 4 2"8JB8"N 2" FR,H @H,R,FH&,@(@ BD@42&@*FH&" @F@&ZN @DJ0,6ZN F4FH,;

D"2&4&"b 4 &@&\ B@*H&,D0*"b E"H\b(F8J` (1995 (@*") 4 E"-E":\&"*@DF8J` (1998 (@*") *,8:"D"P44 @,D"N J8D,B:,4b *@&,D4b 4 $,2@B"F@FH4, 8@H@DZ, D,8@,*J`H BD4,,4, H"84N,D "4$@:,, B@*N@*bV4 @$D"2@;

BD42"&"b, RH@ & F@@H&,HFH&44 F IFH"&@ ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH& 4 IFH"&@ ?D("42"P44 ?$X,*4,ZN ="P46 (@FJ*"DFH&"-R:,Z 4,`H,@HX,:,@, BD"&@ " 4*4&4*J":\J` 4:4 8@::,8H4&J` F"@@$@D@J;

BD42"&"b, RH@ @$b2"H,:\FH&", FL@DJ:4D@&"Z, & "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44, BD,*FH"&:b`H F@$@6 &"0Z6 T"( B@ BJH4 8 *@FH40,4` @*@6 42 FJV,FH&,ZN 2"*"R, B@FH"&:,ZN & IFH"&, ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH&, 8@H@D"b F@FH@4H & "*@FH40,44 ^LL,8H4&@(@ @(D"4R,4b @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46, 8@H@D@, B@2&@:4H @H&@*4H\ "4$@:\T46 @$X, D,FJDF@& " ^8@@4R,F8@, 4 F@P4":\@, D"2&4H4, (@FJ*"DFH&-R:,@&";

BD42"&"b, RH@,0*J"D@*@J F@@$V,FH&J &"0@ FB@F@$FH&@&"H\ D,":42"P44 P,:4

"FH@bV,6 7@&,P44; 4 &ZD"0"b F&@, ",D,4, BD@*@:0"H\ D"FF@HD,4, "*:,0"V4N T"(@& *:b BD@*&40,4b ^LL,8H4&@(@ @(D"4R,4b 4 8@HD@:b @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46 & D,(4@,,

F@(:"F4:4F\ @ 40,F:,*J`V,:

–  –  –

):b P,:,6 "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44 a) "@$ZRZ, &@@DJ0,4b" @2"R"`H F4FH,Z, 42:@0,Z, & AD4:@0,44 I 8 "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44. AD4:@0,4, I b&:b,HFb,@HX,:,@6 R"FH\` 7@&,P44.

–  –  –

D"2D"$@H84, 4FBZH"4b 4 @P,84 & H@6,D,, & 8"8@6 H"84, BD@H@H4BZ, 42*,:4b 4:4

@$@DJ*@&"4,, &8:`R"`HFb & F@FH"& &@@DJ0,ZN F4:.

c) "&8:`R,4, & F@FH"& &@@DJ0,ZN F4:" @2"R",H B@FHJB:,4, @$ZR@(@ &@@DJ0,4b & ^8FB:J"H"P4` *"0, " @(D"4R,Z6 B,D4@* &D,,4.

–  –  –

O,:\ "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44 F@FH@4H & H@, RH@$Z &@F4H\ $@:,, B@:Z6 &8:"* & D,(4@":\J` @H8DZH@FH\ 4 HD"FB"D,H@FH\ BD4@$D,H,4b @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46 B@FD,*FH&@ @$," 4L@D"P4,6 @H@F4H,:\@ H"84N BD4@$D,H,46 F P,:\` B@@VD,4b *@&,D4b FD,*4 (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@& " ",D48"F8@ 8@H4,H,.

EG!G[a III +/+'?)=Y+ ?GQ+GY ?# 3;A?CG+ 3 ]7EA?CG+ ?#YQ=YM %??CI/+=35

1. '@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH484,0,(@*@ BD,*FH"&:b`H *,B@24H"D4` @HR,HZ @ F&@, 4B@DH, 4 ^8FB@DH, @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46 2" BD,*Z*JV46 8":,*"DZ6 (@*, BD4&@*b 4L@D"P4` & @H@T,44 4B@DH" - @$ ^8FB@DH4DJ`V, (@FJ*"DFH&, 4 @ 8@:4R,FH&, 4 H4B, 4B@DH4D@&"ZN @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46; 4 4L@D"P4` & @H@T,44 ^8FB@DH" - @$ 4B@DH4DJ`V, (@FJ*"DFH&, 4 @ 8@:4R,FH&, 4 H4B, ^8FB@DH4D@&"ZN @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46.

9`$@, (@FJ*"DFH&@-JR"FH48 @0,H *@B@:bH\ F&@` FBD"&8J :`$@6 *@B@:4H,:\@6 4L@D"P4,6, 8"8J` @@ FR4H",H J,FH@6, H"8@6, 8"8 @$@2"R,4, 4 @*,:\ @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46.

2. 3L@D"P4b, B@*:,0"V"b BD,*FH"&:,4` F@(:"F@ "FH@bV,6 FH"H\,, "BD"&:b,HFb *,B@24H"D4` 8"8 @0@ F8@D,,, @, B@2*,, 15 4`b 8"0*@(@ (@*".

3. ?HR,H@FH\ F@(:"F@ "FH@bV,6 FH"H\, BD@42&@*4HFb B@ L@D"HJ AD4:@0,4b II A 4 B.

–  –  –

A@4@ BD,*FH"&:,4b,0,(@*ZN @HR,H@&, J8"2"ZN & FH"H\, III, (@FJ*"DFH&"JR"FH484 J&,*@:b`H *,B@24H"D4b @ BD4@$D,H,4bN @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46 F:,*J`V4 @$D"2@:

a) J&,*@:,4, @ BD4@$D,H,44 2" FR,H 4B@DH". ]H4 J&,*@:,4b *,B@24H"D4` BD@42&@*bHFb, B@2*,, R, R,D,2 90 *,6 B@F:, &8:`R,4b 4B@DH4D@&"ZN @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46 & F@FH"& &@@DJ0,ZN F4:. I&,*@:,4b J8"2Z&"`H ^8FB@DH4DJ`V,, (@FJ*"DFH&@, " H"80, 8@:4R,FH&@ 4 H4B 4B@DH4D@&"ZN @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46. 9`$@, (@FJ*"DFH&@-JR"FH48 @0,H *@B@:bH\ F&@` FBD"&8J :`$@6 *@B@:4H,:\@6 4L@D"P4,6, CD/1591 page 4 8"8J` @@ FR4H",H J,FH@6, H"8@6, 8"8 @$@2"R,4, 4 @*,:\ @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46.

?HR,H@FH\ F@(:"F@ "FH@bV,J BJ8HJ BD@42&@*4HFb B@ L@D"HJ AD4:@0,4b II C;

b) J&,*@:,4, @ BD4@$D,H,44 2" FR,H @H,R,FH&,@(@ BD@42&@*FH&". ]H4 J&,*@:,4b *,B@24H"D4` BD@42&@*bHFb, B@2*,, R, R,D,2 90 *,6 B@F:, &8:`R,4b @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46, BD4@$D,H,ZN 2" FR,H @H,R,FH&,@(@ BD@42&@*FH&", & F@FH"& &@@DJ0,ZN F4:. I&,*@:,4b J8"2Z&"`H 8@:4R,FH&@ 4 H4B @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46. 9`$@, (@FJ*"DFH&@-JR"FH48 @0,H *@B@:bH\ F&@` FBD"&8J :`$@6 *@B@:4H,:\@6 4L@D"P4,6, 8"8J` @@ FR4H",H J,FH@6, H"8@6, 8"8 @$@2"R,4, 4 @*,:\ @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46. %, 2"&4F4@FH4 @H :`$@(@ *DJ(@(@ B@:@0,4b "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44 (@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH484 @(JH H"80, *@B@:bH\ H"84, J&,*@:,4b 4L@D"P4,6 @ B,D,8@B@@&8, 4:4 @*4L48"P44 @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46. % P,:bN B@@VD,4b *":\,6T,6 HD"FB"D,H@FH4 BD4@$D,H,46 2" FR,H @H,R,FH&,@(@ BD@42&@*FH&" @$b2"H,:\FH&@ 8"0*@(@ (@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH48" & @H@T,44 J&,*@:,4b B@ "FH@bV,J BJ8HJ @0,H &ZB@:bH\Fb, & F@@H&,HFH&44 F,(@ @H,R,FH&,Z 2"8@@*"H,:\FH&@, B@FD,*FH&@ 42&,V,4b *,B@24H"D4b @ "P4@":\ZN L4"F@&ZN "FF4(@&"4bN " @$ZRZ, &@@DJ0,4b, B@*:,0"V4, &8:`R,4` & F@FH"& "DF,":@& H"8@(@ (@FJ*"DFH&" & H,R,4, BD,*FH@bV,(@ $`*0,H@(@ (@*". ?HR,H@FH\ F@(:"F@ "FH@bV,J BJ8HJ BD@42&@*4HFb B@ L@D"HJ AD4:@0,4b II D.

c) J&,*@:,4, @$ @HFJHFH&44 *,bH,:\@FH4. '@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH484,, 4,`V4, 4B@DH" 4:4 BD4@$D,H,46 @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46 2" FR,H @H,R,FH&,@(@ BD@42&@*FH&" & H,R,4, BD,*Z*JV,(@ 8":,*"D@(@ (@*", F@@$V"`H @$ ^H@ *,B@24H"D4` 8"8 @0@ F8@D,,, @, B@2*,, 15 4`b. ?HR,H@FH\ F@(:"F@ "FH@bV,J BJ8HJ BD@42&@*4HFb B@ L@D"HJ AD4:@0,4b II A 4 B.

EG!G[a V 3=K?C;!O3a ?G )CI'3M '?EI)!CEG%

9`$@, (@FJ*"DFH&@, 8@H@D@,, b&:b,HFb R:,@ ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH&, @0,H FB@F@$FH&@&"H\ P,:4 "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44 BJH,,0,(@*@(@ BD,*FH"&:,4b *,B@24H"D4` 4L@D"P44 @ F&@, ^8FB@DH, @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46 & (@FJ*"DFH&" - JR"FH484 "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44. G"8"b 4L@D"P4b @0,H 4*,H4L4P4D@&"H\ 4B@DH4DJ`V,, (@FJ*"DFH&@-JR"FH48 4 8@:4R,FH&@ 4 H4B :`$@(@ ^8FB@DH4D@&"@(@ @$ZR@(@ &@@DJ0,4b 4 @0,H H"80, &8:`R"H\ :`$J` *@B@:4H,:\J` F@@H&,HFH&J`VJ` 4L@D"P4`, H"8J`, 8"8 @$@2"R,4, 4 @*,:\ @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46.

–  –  –

9`$@, D"2@(:"F4,, 8@H@D@, @0,H &@248JH\ & @H@T,44 BD4,,4b 4:4 H@:8@&"4b "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44, D"2D,T",HFb B@FD,*FH&@ 4D@(@ JD,(J:4D@&"4b B@ D,T,4` &@&:,R,ZN (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@&, 8@H@DZ, @$b2J`HFb F@HDJ*4R"H\ F ^H@6 P,:\`.

–  –  –

Q,D,2 F,\ :,H F *"HZ &FHJB:,4b & F4:J "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44 4 B@ BD,*:@0,4` $@:\T4FH&" (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@& *,B@24H"D46 F@2Z&",H 8@L,D,P4` (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@&.

O,:\ H"8@6 8@L,D,P44 4 :`$ZN B@F:,*J`V4N 8@L,D,P46 F@FH@b:" $Z & 42JR,44 LJ8P4@4D@&"4b 4 BD4,,4b "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44 4 D"FF@HD,44 *":\,6T4N,D HD"FB"D,H@FH4, F@&,FH4ZN F P,:\` "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44, &8:`R"b @*4L48"P44, F@(:"F@ FH"H\, XI, 8"H,(@D46 @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46 & AD4:@0,44 I.

–  –  –

="FH@bV"b 7@&,P4b &FHJB",H & F4:J " 30-6 *,\ F *"HZ F*"R4 " ND",4, ',,D":\@J F,8D,H"D4"HJ ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH& T,FH@(@ *@8J,H" @ D"H4L48"P44, BD4bH44, JH&,D0*,44 4:4 BD4F@,*4,44 (@FJ*"DFH&@-R:,@ ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH&. A@F:, ^H@(@ 7@&,P4b &FHJB",H & F4:J *:b :`$@(@ *DJ(@(@ (@FJ*"DFH&" - R:," ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH& " 30-6 *,\ F *"HZ F*"R4 "

ND",4, H"84 (@FJ*"DFH&@ *@8J,H" @ D"H4L48"P44, BD4bH44, JH&,D0*,44 4:4


EG!G[a XI A?AC!%73

9`$@, (@FJ*"DFH&@-JR"FH48 @0,H BD,*FH"&4H\ *,B@24H"D4` BD,*:@0,4, @ B@BD"&8, 8 "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44. ),B@24H"D46 D"FFZ:",H :`$@, H"8@, BD,*:@0,4, &F, (@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH48". A@ BD@F\$, $@:\T4FH&" (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@& *,B@24H"D46, B@2*,, R, R,D,2 60 *,6 F *"HZ H"8@6 BD@F\$Z F@2Z&",H 8@L,D,P4` (@FJ*"DFH&JR"FH48@& *:b D"FF@HD,4b BD,*:"(",@6 B@BD"&84. A@BD"&8" BD44",HFb F @*@$D,4b *&JN HD,H,6 (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@&, BD4FJHFH&J`V4N 4 JR"FH&J`V4N & (@:@F@&"44. 9`$"b BD4bH"b H"84 @$D"2@ B@BD"&8" &FHJB",H & F4:J *:b (@FJ*"DFH&, D"H4L4P4DJ`V4N, CD/1591 page 6 BD44"`V4N, JH&,D0*"`V4N,, 4:4 BD4F@,*4b`V4NFb 8,6, R,D,2 30 *,6 B@F:, H@(@, 8"8 *&, HD,H4 (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@& F*"*JH " ND",4, F&@4 F@@H&,HFH&J`V4, *@8J,HZ @

D"H4L48"P44, BD4bH44 4:4 JH&,D0*,44 B@BD"&84 4:4 @ BD4F@,*4,44 8,6. A@F:,

^H@(@ H"8"b B@BD"&8" &FHJB",H & F4:J *:b :`$@(@ *DJ(@(@ (@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH48" " 30-6 *,\ B@F:, H@(@, 8"8 ^H@ (@FJ*"DFH&@-JR"FH48 F*"FH " ND",4, F&@6 *@8J,H @ D"H4L48"P44, BD4bH44 4:4 JH&,D0*,44 B@BD"&84 4:4 @ BD4F@,*4,44 8,6.

EG!G[a XII EC?7 )+5EG%3a 3 )+=?=E!O3a

="FH@bV"b 7@&,P4b @FH",HFb & F4:, $,FFD@R@, @ :`$@, (@FJ*"DFH&@-JR"FH48 @0,H *,@F4D@&"H\,,. )@8J,H @ *,@F"P44 F*",HFb " ND",4, & ',,D":\Z6 F,8D,H"D4"H ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH&. Q,D,2 12,FbP,& F *"HZ F*"R4 " ND",4, *@8J,H" @ *,@F"P44 7@&,P4b B,D,FH",H $ZH\ & F4:, *:b *,@F4DJ`V,(@ (@FJ*"DFH&", @ @FH",HFb & F4:, *:b &F,N *DJ(4N (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@&.

EG!G[a XIII ?'?%?C73

'@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH484 @(JH &@ &D,b @*@$D,4b, B@*B4F"4b, D"H4L48"P44, BD4bH4b, JH&,D0*,4b 4:4 BD4F@,*4,4b *,:"H\ @(@&@D84 8 "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44, BD4 JF:@&44, RH@ H"84, @(@&@D84, b&:b`HFb,F@&,FH4Z4 F @$X,8H@ 4 P,:\` "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44 4 8"F"`HFb @*@(@ 4:4 $@:,, 42,, 8@8D,HZN B@:@0,46.

–  –  –

1. ),B@24H"D4, "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44 b&:b,HFb ',,D":\Z6 F,8D,H"D4"H ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH&.

2. A@ B@:JR,44 4L@D"P44, BD,*FH"&:,@6 (@FJ*"DFH&@-JR"FH48@ F@(:"F@ FH"H\, III 4:4 IV "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44, *,B@24H"D46,2",*:4H,:\@ B,D,*",H H"8J` 4L@D"P4` &F, (@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH48".

3. ),B@24H"D46 BD,*FH"&:b,H (@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH48" F&@*Z6,0,(@*Z6 *@8:"* @$ 4L@D"P44, BD,*FH"&:,@6 F@(:"F@ "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44.

4. ),B@24H"D46 J&,*@:b,H (@FJ*"DFH&"-JR"FH484 @ :`$ZN BD,*:@0,4bN, B@:JR,ZN & @H@T,44 F@2Z&" 8@L,D,P44 (@FJ*"DFH&-JR"FH48@& F@(:"F@ FH"H\, VIII.

–  –  –

?D4(4": "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44, "(:46F846, 4FB"F846, B@DHJ(":\F846 4 LD"PJ2F846 H,8FHZ 8@H@D@6 b&:b`HFb D"&@ "JH,H4RZ4, F*",HFb " ND",4, *,B@24H"D4`, 8@H@DZ6 BD,BD@&@0*",H 2"&,D,J` 8@B4`,, H,8FH" & E,8D,H"D4"H ?D("42"P44 ?$X,*4,ZN ="P46 *:b D,(4FHD"P44 4 @BJ$:48@&"4b & F@@H&,HFH&44 F@ FH"H\,6 102 IFH"&" ?D("42"P44 ?$X,*4,ZN ="P46. ),B@24H"D46 J&,*@:b,H (@FJ*"DFH&" - R:,Z ?D("42"P44 ",D48"F84N (@FJ*"DFH& @ B@*B4F"4bN, F*"R"N "

ND",4, *@8J,H@& @ D"H4L48"P44, BD4bH44, JH&,D0*,44, BD4F@,*4,44 4:4

*,@F"P44 4 @$ @(@&@D8"N,,F:4 H"8@&Z, 4,`H,FH@.

CD/1591 page 8

–  –  –

=40, BD4&@*4HFb B,D,R,\ @$ZRZN &@@DJ0,46, @N&"HZ&",ZN "FH@bV,6 7@&,P4,6. G"8@6 B,D,R,\ @F@&" " C,(4FHD, ?D("42"P44 ?$X,*4,ZN ="P46 B@ @$ZRZ &@@DJ0,4b.

% F@@H&,HFH&44 F@ FH"H\,6 I "FH@bV,, AD4:@0,4, b&:b,HFb,@HX,:,@6 R"FH\` "FH@bV,6 7@&,P44. 9`$Z, 42,,4b 8 "FH@bV,J AD4:@0,4` BD44"`HFb & F@@H&,HFH&44 F BD@P,*JD@6 &,F,4b B@BD"&@8, JFH"@&:,@6 & FH"H\, XI.

–  –  –

'JF,4RZ, 4:4 8@:,FZ, F"@N@*Z, $D@4D@&"Z, $@,&Z, "T4Z, @$:"*"`V4, &ZF@8@6 @$4:\@FH\` " B,D,F,R,@6,FH@FH4 4 &ZF@84 JD@&, 2"V4V,@FH4, 4,`V4, FJN@6 &,F,,,, 16,5,HD4R,F84N H@ 4 &@@DJ0,Z, @F@&@6 BJT8@6 8":4$D",,,, 75 4::4,HD@& F &ZF@8@6 "R":\@6 F8@D@FH\` F"Db*" *:b &,*,4b @(b BDb@6 "&@*8@6.

II. #@,&Z, $D@4D@&"Z, "T4Z

'JF,4RZ,, B@:J(JF,4RZ, 4:4 8@:,FZ, F"@N@*Z, "T4Z, @$:"*"`V4, $D@,2"V4H@6 4 BD@N@*4@FH\` B@ B,D,F,R,@6,FH@FH4, :4$@: A) F8@FHDJ4D@&"Z, 4 @$@DJ*@&"Z, *:b HD"FB@DH4D@&84 B,N@H@(@ @H*,:,4b & F@FH"&, R,HZD,N 4:4 $@:,, R,:@&,8, :4$@ B) &@@DJ0,Z, &FHD@,Z 4:4 TH"H@ JFH""&:4&",Z @DJ04, 8":4$D",,,, 12,5 4::4,HD@& 4:4 BJF8@&@6 D"8,H@6 JFH"@&8@6.

III. !DH4::,D46F84, F4FH,Z $@:\T@(@ 8":4$D" AJT84, ("J$4PZ, "DH4::,D46F84, @DJ*4b, F@R,H"`V4, F&@6FH&" BJT,8 4 ("J$4P, 4@,HZ 4:4 D,"8H4&Z, F4FH,Z 2":B@&@(@ @(b, FB@F@$Z, B@D"0"H\ "2,Z, P,:4 (:"&Z @$D"2@ F 2"8DZHZN @(,&ZN B@24P46, F 8":4$D@ 100 4::4,HD@& 4 &ZT,.

IV. #@,&Z, F"@:,HZ

–  –  –

V. I*"DZ, &,DH@:,HZ %4H@8DZ:Z, :,H"H,:\Z, "BB"D"HZ, F8@FHDJ4D@&"Z,, @F"V,Z, 4:4 @*4L4P4D@&"Z, *:b B@D"0,4b P,:,6 BJH, BD4,,4b JBD"&:b,@(@ 4:4,JBD"&:b,@(@ BD@H4&@H"8@&@(@ @DJ04b, @DJ04b 8:"FF" "&@2*JN-B@&,DN@FH\", "&@2*JN-B@*B@&,DN@FH"b P,:\" 4:4 "&@2*JN-&@2*JN" 4 @$@DJ*@&"Z, 8@B:,8F@6 F4FH,@6 JBD"&:,4b @(, 4 "&,*,4b ^H@(@ @DJ04b, &8:`R"b &"D4"HZ ^H4N :,H"H,:\ZN "BB"D"H@&, 8@H@DZ, &ZB@:b`H FB,P4":424D@&"Z, LJ8P44 &@2*JT@6 D"2&,*84 4:4 D"*4@^:,8HD@@6 $@D\$Z.

VI. %@,Z, 8@D"$:4

="*&@*Z, 8@D"$:4 4:4 B@*&@*Z, :@*84, &@@DJ0,Z, 4 @F"V,Z, *:b &@,@(@ 4FB@:\2@&"4b, FH"*"DHZ &@*@42,V,4, & 750,HD4R,F84N H@ 4:4 &ZT,, " H"80, "*&@*Z, 8@D"$:4 4 B@*&@*Z, :@*84 FH"*"DHZ &@*@42,V,4,,,, 750,HD4R,F84N H@, @F"V,Z, JFH"@&8"4 *:b BJF8" D"8,H *":\@FH\`,,,, 25 8 4:4 H@DB,* "":@(4R@6 *":\@FH4.

VII. C"8,HZ 4 D"8,HZ, BJF8@&Z, JFH"@&84

IBD"&:b,Z, 4:4,JBD"&:b,Z, D"8,HZ, $"::4FH4R,F84, 4:4 8DZ:"HZ, D"8,HZ, FB@F@$Z, *@FH"&:bH\ $@,2"Db* 4:4 FD,*FH&@ B@D"0,4b " D"FFH@b4,,,,, 25 84:@,HD@&, 4 FD,*FH&", FB,P4":\@ F8@FHDJ4D@&"Z, 4:4 @*4L4P4D@&"Z, *:b BJF8" H"84N D"8,H 4:4 D,"8H4&ZN F"Db*@&,,F:4 @4, @N&"HZ&"`HFb 8"H,(@D4b4 I-VI.

]H" 8"H,(@D4b:

a. H"80, &8:`R",H *4FH"P4@@ JBD"&:b,Z, :,H"H,:\Z, "BB"D"HZ, @$:"*"`V4, N"D"8H,D4FH48"4 D"8,H, 8"8 @BD,*,:,@ &ZT,;

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