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«Using iRecruit Updated 5/03/2013 Using iRecruit Table of Contents Introduction Getting Started Roles iRecruit Roles Central HR Roles Initiate a ...»

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Using iRecruit

Updated 5/03/2013

Using iRecruit

Table of Contents


Getting Started


iRecruit Roles

Central HR Roles

Initiate a Recruitment

Job Description

Position Purpose

Essential Functions

Minimum Requirements

Preferred Qualifications

Posting Text



Recruitment Profile

Recruitment Plan



Approvals and Check Out Features

Next Step

Dismiss & Copy

Dismiss a Requisition

Copy a Requisition

Review Application Pools

Search Committee

Application Review

Affirmative Action Statistics

Short List Review

Applicants vs. Expressions of Interest



Final Action

Return Recruitment to Search Committee

Re-access Applicant Pool

Your Recruitments

Works in Progress

Recruitments to be Finalized

Open Recruitments

Complete Recruitments

Assign Default Chair’s Associate

Recruitment Reports

Search Engine

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The iRecruit system is the repository for all documents related to recruitments (e.g. interview questions, work samples, etc.) For a list of recruitment records required to be maintained for audit purposes, please reference UCR Local Procedure 21: APPOINTMENT. iRecruit is fully integrated in the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) and the R’Space portal. The system provides stakeholders with clear visibility of all recruitment activity within their accountability structure.

3|iRecruit User Guide Getting Started In order to access iRecruit, the department Systems Access Administrator (SAA) needs to set up an individual with access as the Departmental or Service Center Human Resource Coordinator in the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). The Organizational HR Coordinator role is established through EACS by Human Resources. All other roles are established by the Departmental or Service Center Human Resources Coordinator within the iRecruit system.

Once authorized you can access iRecruit within your R’Space authorized applications or by going to https://irecruitportal.ucr.edu and using your NetID and password to login.

Roles What you see and are able to access in the system is determined by your role.

iRecruit Roles Departmental HR Coordinator/ Service Center HR Coordinator – The Departmental/Service Center HR Coordinator is responsible for initiating the requisition. The departmental coordinator prepares the job description and ensures proper procedures for review and approval are met at the department level. The departmental/service center coordinator sets details such as the members of the search committee, minimum and preferred requirements, and the recruitment plan.

When a qualified candidate has been found, the requisition is returned to the Departmental/Service Center HR Coordinator for final processing and to notify the candidate.

The coordinator may check out the requisition to other users for approvals.

Organizational HR Coordinator – The Organizational HR Coordinator is responsible for reviewing recruitments, providing oversight, and routing online recruitment requests to Human Resources.

–  –  –

Human Resources Recruitment Analyst– Responsible for reviewing and coordinating recruitment plans and posting job descriptions.

Ad Hoc Roles Other Roles – Certain roles are unique to individual recruitments. If you are on a search committee you will be able to review the applicants and make comments, however only the Search Committee Chair/ Chair’s Associate has access to the complete recruitments and the ability mark the final decision on each candidate and record hiring information. For more information see Review Application Pools.

Initiate a Recruitment Select “Initiate a Recruitment” from the home page to begin a requisition. If you are an HR Departmental Coordinator for several departments you will be given a drop down menu to select the organization for the recruitment.

Job Description The first step is to create a job description. You will be given the option of creating a job description from scratch or copying one already in the system. (Currently you must write a job description from scratch. Creating a job description from an existing template is an upcoming feature that has not yet been released).

*Note on each page of the recruitment process you can access this user guide via the link at the top of the page.

5|iRecruit User Guide Selecting to “Open a blank job description” takes you to the job description interface and allows you to populate the various job description fields. You will notice the various tabs change when you enter the job description interface. It is important as you go through these tabs to save your work. The “Save” button is located towards the bottom of every page.

General Information Selecting “Open a blank job description” automatically bring users to the general info tab of the job description interface.

Selecting a Title Code will automatically populate the Payroll Title, FLSA, Personnel Program Code & Description, and the Bargaining Unit Code & Description fields.

Users must input:

 Pay Grade/Step (if appropriate)  Working Title  Department Name  Department Head  The Position’s Supervisor  Title Codes and FTE of employees who will be supervised under this position (if appropriate)

–  –  –

In the next section list any special equipment, vehicles or tools that the employee is required to operate and click “Add.” Position Purpose This tab allows you to describe the purpose of the position.

7|iRecruit User Guide Essential Functions In the essential functions tab define the functions necessary of the position. Essential functions should be grouped by content area, assigned a percentage of time, and details regarding each function should be listed. All functions must add up to 100% which the system will calculate for you. The essential functions are listed in descending order based on percentage of time.

Minimum Requirements In this tab define the minimum requirements necessary for the applicant. You may set a display order of 1 through 10. Please keep your list of minimum requirements under 10 and do not add multiple requirements within a line.

–  –  –

Posting Text The posting text is a critical aspect of the recruitment. This is the text that will appear on the UCR JOBS website and attract candidates to the open position. The posting text should grab the reader and give them a sense of the department, its mission, and how the position supports this mission. The posted minimum requirements and posted preferred qualifications should include only those items that are essential to the job. There is a character limit on these fields.

The applicant will be able to view the complete job description from the job listing in the UCR JOBS website so there is no need to place the entire job description in the posting text.

–  –  –

Overview The Overview screen displays a summary of all the requisition details existing in the various tabs. This summary allows users to easily review the various requisition elements at any time however editing is not available within this screen.

–  –  –

Users must input:

 Work Schedule  Working Location - This data is pulled from the Facilities Management System  Appointment Type  Position Type You may upload an Organizational Chart - This information should be uploaded in Word (.DOC/.DOCX), PDF (.PDF), Excel (.XLS/.XLSX) or Visio (.VSD) format.

You should also designate the search committee by inputting their NetIDs and choosing their role from the drop down menu. For more information please see Review Application Pools.

–  –  –

Be sure to answer “Yes” or “No” if responsibilities of this position were previously performed by an employee in the CX (Clerical and Allied Services) bargaining unit.

For some recruitments, such as for executive positions, you may wish to receive a résumé only.

If so, be sure to select the box next to “Accept application with résumé only” under the salary range. Remember a completed, signed application is required before an offer of employment may be extended.

Recruitment Plan

This tab contains key pieces of information about the recruitment:

Select the Posting Period – The Required Posting Period is automatically calculated by the system at 10 business days for Professional Support Staff (PSS) positions or 15 business days for Management/Senior Professional (MSP) positions, beginning the next business day. You can also select “Open until filled” or “Continuous,” however all applications received beyond the set 10 or 15 business day posting period will be considered “expressions of interest” not applicants.

The difference between an applicant and an expression of interest is explained in the Review Applicant Pools section of this guide. Note: “Continuous” is only for on-going recruitments such as lab assistants, custodial support, etc.

Recruitment Contact – It is required that you give the NetID of a contact person for applicant inquiries.

12 | i R e c r u i t U s e r G u i d e Placement Goals – This information outlines specific goals for the recruitment plan that adhere to the UCR Affirmative Action goals. By clicking the “Affirmative Action Placement Goals” link you will be taken to a page where you can look up your department’s current goals.

Copy/paste these goals into this box. These goals are important to understand as they drive your advertising efforts to groups currently underrepresented.

Additional Advertising Resources – UCR Staff positions are posted on the UCR Jobs website, Southern California Higher Education, InsideHigherEd.com, CAL Jobs, and HigherEdJobs.com.

Also jobs should be posted on Diverse Issues in Higher Education, use the JobTarget link to post the position. For more information about using JobTarget please view the Using Job Target For Recruitment Advertising guide.

The next text field is for any additional recruitment details you wish to provide. Recruitment plans, timelines, etc.

–  –  –

Attachments The attachments tab allows users to upload documents pertinent to the requisition. For example: email approvals, the hired individual’s application, or sample advertising. These documents can be viewed by all users associated with the requisition.

14 | i R e c r u i t U s e r G u i d e Approvals and Check Out Features The approvals tab allows the Departmental/Service Center HR Coordinator and Organizational HR Coordinator to check out a requisition to review and approve the changes that have been made to the requisition. Each organization will establish internal procedures for recruitment approvals. The Check Out feature allows the flexibility needed to accommodate the internal department approvals of the recruitment.

A recruitment can be checked out as:

 Approval Required (Read-Only)  Approval Required (Read-Write)  No Approval Required (Read-Only)  No Approval Required (Read-Write) Those required to give approval can be granted the ability to read and update the requisition, or they may be limited to a read only access. If there are others the department/service center wishes to review the requisition they can be given a non-approval status and granted the same read/write or read only abilities.

A recruitment can be checked out to multiple individuals at one time. However, the system only allows the recruitment to be checked out to one person with Read-Write capabilities at a time.

–  –  –

Dismiss & Copy If a recruitment must be cancelled before completion, you must dismiss the requisition through iRecruit.

You can also copy any completed or dismissed requisition that you may wish to use to again.

Dismiss a Requisition Login to iRecruit and go to Open Recruitments. Find the recruitment you wish to dismiss and click on the Requisition ID.

At the top of the page select “Dismiss Requisition.”

–  –  –

After clicking OK the recruitment will be cancelled.

Copy a Requisition If you wish to reinstate a dismissed requisition or copy a requisition that has been finalized, you may copy the requisition and start the recruitment process once more.

Go to the Search Engine on the main menu.

–  –  –

When you have found the requisition you wish to use select “Copy as New.” You will get a pop-up warning you that you are creating a new recruitment with the same information and that as a new recruitment it will need to go through the appropriate levels of approval before recruitment can begin. Click OK.

–  –  –

Return to the Main Menu and go to your Works In Progress to continue working on the new recruitment. Find the recruitment and click on the Requisition ID.

Everything from the original recruitment will be saved, except for the search committee details. Once search committee members have been added you will be able to “Route to Organization.” The job must then go through the various approvals until it is routed to Recruitment in Human Resources, who will verify the appropriate advertisement has been done and post the job to the UCR Job’s site.

* If you’ve copied a dismissed requisition: when the job is reposted to the site, applicants who previously applied to the dismissed job will be notified that recruitment for the position has been reinstated and be invited to submit an application again. This is not true of finalized recruitments that have been copied;

previous applicants will not be notified in those cases.

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