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«©2014 MotiveWave™ Software ©2014 MotiveWave™ Software Version 1.0.2 Page 1 of 190 MotiveWave™ User’s Guide Table of Contents 1 Introduction ...»

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MotiveWave ™

User’s Guide

Version: 1.0.2

©2014 MotiveWave™ Software

©2014 MotiveWave™ Software

Version 1.0.

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User’s Guide

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 6

1.1 MotiveWave™ Editions and Modules 6

1.1.1 Editions 6

1.1.2 Modules 6

1.2 Starting MotiveWave™ 6

1.3 License 7 1.3.1 Changing your License Key 7 1.3.2 License Status 8 2 Console 10

2.1 Preferences 14

2.2 Workspaces 15

2.3 Changing the Default Layout 17 2.3.1 Creating a new page 17 2.3.2 Modifying a Page 18 2.3.3 Changing the Page Order 19 2.3.4 Resizing Panels 19 2.3.5 Adding New Panel Tabs 20 2.3.6 Creating a Custom Layout 20

2.4 Changing the Look and Feel 21

2.5 Instruments 23 2.5.1 Importing Instruments 24 2.5.2 Trading Hours 24

2.6 Watch Lists 27 2.6.1 Watch List Tool Bar 27 2.6.2 Sorting Options 28 2.6.3 Buy/Sell Boxes 29 2.6.4 Create Watch List 31 2.6.5 Edit Watch List 32

2.7 Quote Sheets 34

2.8 Backup/Restore 36 2.8.1 Creating a Backup 36 2.8.2 Restore From Backup 37

2.9 Repository 38 2.9.1 Sharing using Google Drive or Drop Box 40 2.9.2 Folder Structure 40 2.9.

–  –  –

1 Introduction Welcome to the MotiveWave™ User’s Guide! If you are reading this document then you have already installed MotiveWave™ on your computer and you are ready to start using the application.

If you have not yet installed MotiveWave™ or registered for a trial on our website, please read the Installation Guide before continuing on with this document.

1.1 MotiveWave™ Editions and Modules If you are currently working with the trial version of MotiveWave™ (available from our website), then you most likely have the Ultimate Edition of MotiveWave™. This edition includes all of our features and functionality. If you are currently on a trial and you would like to try a specific edition/module, please contact sales@motivewave.com.

1.1.1 Editions There are several editions of MotiveWave™ available to address the different needs and budgets of traders and market analysts. Detailed information on these editions and the functionality that they provide can be found on our website: http://www.motivewave.com/purchase/compare-editions.htm

1. Ultimate Edition – This edition includes all of our features and is recommended if you are a professional trader and you are using advanced features such as Elliott Wave, Gann or Gartley.

2. Professional Edition – This is for professional traders that do not used advanced features such as Elliott Wave, Gann or Gartley

3. Trade Edition – Expands on the Analyst Edition to provide trading capabilities

4. Analyst Edition – This entry level edition contains a full set of studies and basic tools for doing analysis.

1.1.2 Modules Modules can be added to editions to extend their capabilities. For a full list of available modules and their capabilities see: http://www.motivewave.com/purchase/modules.htm

1.2 Starting MotiveWave™ If you are on Mac OSX™, MotiveWave ™ will be found from your Launch Pad or in your Applications folder. Just click on the MotiveWave™ icon to start the application. If you installed MotiveWave™ on a Windows™ machine double click on the MotiveWave™ icon on your desktop. Alternatively, choose Start

- All Programs - MotiveWave - MotiveWave.exe The first screen that you will see when you start MotiveWave is the startup screen. Normally you will open a workspace from this screen. Select the workspace from the drop down and press the Continue button.

–  –  –

Depending on the broker or data service that you have chosen for the workspace, you may see a dialog that asks for login information. The example below is a login dialog for an FXCM workspace. In this case enter your User ID and password for your FXCM account.

Please Note: there is no user name or password for MotiveWave™, just a license key. If you are being asked for a login ID and password, then this would be for the broker or data service that you chose for the workspace.

FXCM Login Dialog

1.3 License When you create a trial for MotiveWave™ from our website, you will be sent an email that contains a license key. This key will need to be entered as part of the installation process (see the Install Guide).

This license key uniquely identifies your profile and will not change (even when you purchase).

If you think this key has been compromised, you can send a request to our support team (support@motivewave.com) to request a new key. This key will be sent to the email address that you registered with.

1.3.1 Changing your License Key Your license key can be changed from the startup screen in MotiveWave™. Click on the Options button, then click on the License button.

–  –  –

Enter your new license key into the License Key field. Press the Update button to validate this key and change the license key that MotiveWave™ will use going forward. Note: to avoid mistyping the license key, it is recommended that you copy and paste the key from the email message instead.

Update License Dialog 1.3.2 License Status You can easily check which MotiveWave™ Edition and Modules that are assigned to your license by choosing Help - About from the top menu bar of the Console. The About dialog will display your license key, email address, edition, modules and lease/support expiry dates.

Check License Information

–  –  –

2 Console After you have installed MotiveWave™ and configured your workspace the first window that you will see when opening that workspace will be the Console. The console provides access to all the features in MotiveWave™ and it is initially configured with a default layout.

Default Console Layout The console is organized into different pages (see screen shot above, please note: pages are only available in the Professional and Ultimate editions of MotiveWave™). To access a different page, simply

click on the page tab at the bottom of the console window. The default set of pages are as follows:

1. Home – The home page contains a sample layout that has a single chart area and two spots at the bottom for watch lists.

2. Charts – Sample layout of 6 charts

3. Account – Layout containing information about your account, orders, positions and historical trades.

4. Options – Sample layout containing Option Chains. Note: this page is only available on brokers that support options trading.

5. Scan – Layout for using the scanning functionality within MotiveWave™

6. Optimize – Contains a strategy optimizer panel for Back Testing, Optimization and Walk Forward testing of automated strategies.

7. News – If supported by your Broker/Data service, you may see a page for news

The following screen shots illustrate the default set of pages in the console:

©2014 MotiveWave™ Software Version 1.0.2 Page 10 of 190 MotiveWave™ User’s Guide

–  –  –

2.1 Preferences The Preferences Dialog (choose Configure - Preferences from the Console menu bar) provides a centralized location for configuring MotiveWave™. This dialog contains many configuration panels organized under tabs (and sub tabs).


–  –  –

Feel free to explore the configuration options within MotiveWave™ by looking at the tabs and sub tabs available in this dialog. More detail on specific configuration options can be found in other parts of this document.

2.2 Workspaces Connections to Brokers and Data Services are managed through workspaces. Each workspace is a separate instance of MotiveWave™ and contains its own local database. All data, settings and analyses are separate between each workspace.

Workspaces can be managed from the Console or from the startup screen (click on the Options button then on the Workspaces button).

Manage Workspaces from Startup Screen

–  –  –

The Manage Workspaces dialog enables you to create new workspaces or to edit/modify existing workspaces. The order in which they appear in the startup workspace drop down can also be modified from this dialog. Click on the New Workspace button to create a new workspace.

Manage Workspaces Dialog The Create Workspace dialog enables you to choose a workspace name and choose a broker or data service. The settings for each broker or data service will be different. A help pane on the right hand side will display specific information on the selected service.

–  –  –

2.3 Changing the Default Layout The console layout is highly configurable. All pages can have their layouts modified and pages can be added or removed. The following screen shot illustrates the page area and some of the available


Page Area 2.3.1 Creating a new page To add a page to the console, click on the New Page button (see above). The New Page dialog will appear (see below). You will need to specify a name for your page. This name is displayed on the page tab when it is added to the console.

There are many different layouts available for your page. Just choose the one that most closely matches what you want to have on the page. Several categories are available in the tabs at the top of the dialog.

The icon matching the category will be displayed on the page tab that you are creating (making it easier to identify).

–  –  –

2.3.2 Modifying a Page You can change the name of a page and optionally its layout. To modify the current page, click on the Edit Page button on the right hand side of the page area.

This will open the Edit Page dialog where you can change the name of the page and optionally select a new layout for the page.

At the bottom of the Edit Page dialog you will see a button called Reset Layout. This button can be used to reset the console layout to the default. This will reset all of the pages including their layouts to be the same as when you first created the workspace (see Default Console Layout screen shot).

–  –  –

2.3.4 Resizing Panels The size of the panels displayed in a page can be resized by clicking and dragging the area between each panel. Notice that the mouse cursor will change when you hover over these areas. The following screen

shot illustrates changing the vertical space between the chart area and watch list area in the Home page:

Resize Panels ©2014 MotiveWave™ Software Version 1.0.2 Page 19 of 190 MotiveWave™ User’s Guide 2.3.5 Adding New Panel Tabs New panel tabs can be added to each panel area in the active page. Simply click on the New Tab button to the right of the existing tabs. The follow screen shots show the sequence to add a new chart to the main panel of the Home page. In this example, three charts are stacked on top of each other with the active chart showing with the highlighted tab (in white).

Add New Panel Tab

–  –  –

2.3.6 Creating a Custom Layout MotiveWave™ includes a number of built-in page layouts which are available when you create or edit the page. You can organize the panels in the page however you like by clicking and dragging the tabs around. As you drag the tab, you will see a highlighted blue area where the panel will be created when you release the mouse button. This feature provides you the flexibility to create any layout with any number of panels. The following screen shot illustrates moving the chart tab that we created in the previous section (INTC symbol) and creating a new panel area by horizontally dividing the existing panel into two.

–  –  –

2.4 Changing the Look and Feel MotiveWave™ provides several options for changing the look and feel of the window decorations (Microsoft Windows only), docking framework, table colors and chart colors. Use the Preferences dialog to change these attributes (as well as many others). This dialog can be opened by pressing the Preferences Button at bottom right of the console window or by choosing Configure - Preferences from the top menu bar.

–  –  –

The Themes tab provides several options for changing the look and feel of the window decorations (Windows platform only) as well as the colors for the chart, tables and buy/sell boxes. Custom Chart

and Bar themes can be defined under the corresponding tabs of this section:


–  –  –

2.5 Instruments Stocks, FOREX pairs, futures contracts, indices etc are generically referred to as Instruments in MotiveWave™. The available instruments will depend on the broker or data service that you chose for the workspace. When you initially create a workspace in MotiveWave™ a default set of instruments will be populated in the local database. Additional instruments can be added by searching for them.

All instruments can be centrally managed from the Manage Instruments dialog available from the Console (Configure - Manage Instruments from the top menu bar).

Manage Instruments The Manage Instruments dialog displays all of the instruments that are defined in the local database.

You can filter the list by typing in a symbol (or partial symbol) or choosing a specific instrument type or exchange.

–  –  –

Additional instruments can be added to the local database by either clicking the Search or Define buttons (Note: the Define and Import buttons are not available for all brokers/data services).

The Search button will utilize the broker/data service’s search capabilities to discover new instruments that you can add to the local database.

2.5.1 Importing Instruments For convenience, the Import button will allow you to import a set of instruments from a CSV (comma separated values) file. This file can be created using a spreadsheet (such as Microsoft Excel) and saving

it as a CSV file. For details on the format of the file, see:

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