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«©2014 MotiveWave™ Software ©2014 MotiveWave™ Software Version 1.0.2 Page 1 of 190 MotiveWave™ User’s Guide Table of Contents 1 Introduction ...»

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Analysis sources are defined in the Repository Dialog (Configure - Repository from the console menu bar)

–  –  –

Click on the Add button to define an analysis source. You can have multiple analysis sources. The Override Repository option is important if there are naming conflicts between your local repository and the analysis sources.

For example if you created an analysis called “Wave 3 Intraday” for the EUR/USD pair and one of the analysis sources also has an analysis called “Wave 3 Intraday” for EUR/USD, MotiveWave™ will need to determine which one to display. If Override Repository is checked, it will display the one from the analysis source (instead of the local repository).

The following dialog will appear when you click the Add button. Each analysis source will require a name. This name can be anything you like, but should reflect the source of the analyses. In the example below, we chose the name “Trading Analysis” (this is one of our partners). Choose a directory (folder) for the source by clicking on the Browse button. (Note: this will be a folder that is synchronized using Google Drive/Drop Box).

The Read Only attribute indicates if you are going to be modifying the analyses or just viewing them.

Uncheck this option if you are intending to publish analyses to this source.

Add Analysis Source Dialog Publishing Analyses If you are planning to share your analyses with other users, then you would create an analysis source and uncheck the Read Only attribute. Analyses that exist in your repository are not automatically shared; you will need to explicitly publish each analysis to this new source.

©2014 MotiveWave™ Software Version 1.0.2 Page 42 of 190 MotiveWave™ User’s Guide If you would like to publish an analysis to an analysis source, choose File - Save To - Analysis Source Name (where Analysis Source Name is the name you chose in the Add Analysis Source Dialog) from the chart menu bar (Note: it is File - Chart - Save To - Analysis Source Name from the Console).

This action will save this analysis (make a copy) to a sub folder in the analysis source folder that you defined earlier.

The file synchronization software that you setup (ie Drop Box etc) will take care of synchronizing that file with the folders of all your users.

In the following example, we have created an analysis source called My Group. The Read Only attribute has been unchecked to tell MotiveWave™ that it can publish analyses to this location. This analysis source will now be available in the Save To menu (see below).

Setup for My Group

Publishing to My Group

2.10 Email Configuration MotiveWave™ may be configured to send out email messages as part of alerts or signals generated by studies. You will need to configure the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings in the Preferences dialog to enable this feature. These settings will be found under the Email tab. Choose Configure Preferences from the Console menu bar to display the Preferences dialog.

–  –  –

If you are using a corporate email address, you will need to contact your network administrator to get the specific SMTP settings.

Settings for public email addresses can be found online, just do a web search. Here are some useful links

for some common email providers:

2.10.1 Gmail

Gmail settings can be found here:

http://email.about.com/od/accessinggmail/f/Gmail_SMTP_Settings.htm For some user accounts you may need to create an application specific password in order for this to work. For more information see: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/1173270?hl=en 2.10.2 Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail settings can be found here:

http://email.about.com/od/accessingyahoomail/f/Yahoo_Mail_SMTP_Settings.htm Similar to Gmail you may need to setup an application specific password if you have to bypass the second sign-in verification: https://help.yahoo.com/kb/yahoo-account/SLN5013.html?impressions=true 2.10.3 Windows Live / Hotmail

The following link explains the Hotmail SMTP settings:


There is also a two-step verification process for Hotmail as well. For more information see:


–  –  –

3 Charts MotiveWave™ has perhaps some of the most advanced charting capabilities of any charting application available. In this section we will be exploring some of the basics of working with charts in MotiveWave™.

You can work with charts within the Console window or you can open separate chart windows to w ork with charts independently. The simplest way to open a chart window is to press the Open Chart Window button from the top right section of a chart panel. Alternatively, choose File - New - New Chart Window from the top menu bar.

Open Chart Window

–  –  –

The following are options that are available from the Chart Settings tab:

1. Default Tool – This is the default tool to use on a chart.

2. Revert to Default Tool – When completing an action with the selected tool, the chart will automatically switch back to the default tool (see above)

3. Bar Type – The default type of bar to display when opening a chart

4. Bar Scheme – Determines the color scheme for the bars. Normal displays bar color based on if the

close is higher/lower than the open value. Available Bar Schemes include:

a. Normal – Displays a different color if the bar closes higher than open verses lower than open b. Inside/Outside – Colors change if bar closes higher/lower than open, if the bar has a lower high/higher low than previous bar (inside) and if the bar has a higher high/lower low than the previous bar (outside) c. Day Of Week – Bar color changes based on the day of the week d. Alternate Day – Bar color alternates each day e. Alternate Hour – Bar Color alternates each hour

5. Bar Size – default bar size when opening a new chart

6. Bar Thickness – Default thickness for the bar outline (default 1 pixel)

7. Axis Style – Style of the price and time axis

8. Shade – draws a shaded area at time or price intervals on the

9. Shift + Click – Object to draw when the user holds down on the Shift Key and clicks the left mouse button on the chart.

10. Ctrl + Click – Object to draw when the user holds down on the Ctrl Key and clicks the left mouse button on the chart.

11. Shift + Alt + Click – Object to draw when the user holds down on the Ctrl and Alt Keys and clicks the left mouse button on the chart.

12. Line Method – Calculation method for calculating the lines on a wedge (Time/Price or Angle) ©2014 MotiveWave™ Software Version 1.0.2 Page 46 of 190 MotiveWave™ User’s Guide

13. Fill Area – If true, the area of a wedge will be filled

14. Fill Alpha – Alpha value for the fill color

15. Max Linear Bars – Maximum number of linear bars to load when opening a chart

16. Max Non Linear Bars – Maximum number of non-linear bars (ie Range, Renko etc) to load when opening a chart

17. Minimum Bars – Minimum number of bars to load when opening a chart.

18. Bar Width (pixels) – Default spacing for the price bars

19. Price Axis Spacing – Default spacing between the numbers that are displayed on the price axis

20. Time Axis Spacing – Default spacing between the labels that are displayed on the time axis

21. Top Inset (pixels) – Default spacing to add to the top of the price plot when auto scale is enabled

22. Bottom Inset (pixels) - Default spacing to add to the bottom of the price plot when auto scale is enabled

23. Study Height (pixels) – Default height for study plots

24. Study Divider Size – Size of the resizable divider between the plots on the chart.

25. Study Layout – Layout preference for the study labels displayed in the legend area (horizontal or vertical)

26. Time Zone – Default time zone for the chart.

27. Calendar Days – If enabled, space will be preserved for non-trading days when displaying daily bars (normally this space is removed) Additional chart options can be found under the Options tab of the Chart section in the Preferences dialog.

Global Chart Options

1. Show Extended Data – If true, after hours data is show by default when opening a chart

2. Show Instrument Title – Displays the title of the instrument in the top left corner of the chart

3. Snap Open/Close – If this is enable the mouse tools will automatically snap to open and closing points on the price bars ©2014 MotiveWave™ Software Version 1.0.2 Page 47 of 190 MotiveWave™ User’s Guide

4. Show Components Panel – Displays the components panel by default when opening a new chart.

5. Show Trade Panel – Displays the Trade panel by default when opening a new chart

6. Show DOM Panel – Displays the DOM (Depth of Market) panel by default when opening a new chart

7. Show Grid – Displays horizontal and vertical lines on the chart

8. Show Major Times – Show vertical dashed lines for major time on the chart

9. Show Chart Buttons – Enables the display buttons on the chart for adjusting the vertical space and bar width. This also applies to the remove study button on study plots.

10. Show Exchange – Toggles the display of the exchange as part of the title on the chart

11. Show Cross Hair – Toggles the default display of the cross hair feature for the mouse cursor

12. Global Cross Hair – If enabled, the cross hair (where enabled) will be updated across multiple charts that display the same instrument

13. Double Cross Hair – Displays two vertical lines encompassing the bar where the cursor is currently (instead of a single vertical line)

14. Solid Cross Hair – Displays a solid line instead of a dashed line for the cross hair

15. Auto Scale – Default scale setting when opening a new chart

16. Auto Scale Price Only – If enabled, only the price action will be included in the auto scaling of the chart (components are excluded)

17. Lock Scroll – Default lock scroll state (see Lock Scroll feature)

18. Lock Studies – Default Lock Studies state (see Lock Studies feature)

19. Show Info on Select – Turns on the Show Info feature when selecting a component

20. Show Info – Enables the show info feature when creating a new component

21. Show Range Outline – Turns on the range outline on the latest bar for Range/Renko bars

22. Show Middle Line – Turns on the display of the middle line for channel components

23. Show Menu Bar – Turns on the display of the menu bar for windows

24. Show Tool Bar – Turns on the display of the tool bar for windows

25. Show Status Bar – Turns on the display of the status bar at the bottom of the windows

26. Confirm on Close – If enabled will display a warning message when closing a chart window

27. Link Minimize/Restore – If enabled, for linked chart windows all windows in the group will be minimized when one of them is minimized. Likewise when one of them is restored, all windows in the group will be restored

28. Expand Status Bar Link – Expanded mode for the color link control in the status bar

29. Show Bar Size Selector – Toggles the default display of the Bar Size Selector on charts

30. Show Bird’s Eye View – Toggles the default display of the Bird’s Eye View when opening a chart

31. Show Bird’s Eye Lines – Display of the vertical lines on the Bird’s Eye plot

32. Resolve Trend Lines – If enabled, MotiveWave™ will attempt to load enough data to properly display all trend lines on a chart. By default it will estimate where the starting point of a trend line is based on the available data. This option will force the loading of data all the way back to the beginning of trend lines to improve the accuracy of the plot. Warning: this option can cause a lot of data to be loaded from your broker or data service. It is recommended that you leave this option of and turn it on where desired from the Chart Settings dialog (see next section).

33. Group Studies – If enabled, study plots will be grouped together at the bottom of the chart in a stacked panel.

34. Show Study Labels – Enables the display of study labels in the legend

35. Study Bar Updates – Toggles the live updating of studies from level 1 data verses calculating the most recent study values on the close of a bar.

©2014 MotiveWave™ Software Version 1.0.2 Page 48 of 190 MotiveWave™ User’s Guide

36. Show Values in Legend – If enabled, current study values will be displayed next to the study label in the study legend

37. Simple Study Title – Simplified display of the title in the legend area

38. Overlay Volume – Displays the volume information as an overlay on the chart instead of a separate plot.

39. Hover Popup – Enables the display of an information popup when placing the cursor over an object on the chart

40. Draw Candle Outline – Draws the outline of the candle rectangle.

3.1.2 Chart Specific Settings Chart settings that apply to the selected chart only can be accessed by right clicking on the chart and choosing Chart Settings (you can also double click on the chart). The settings configured here can be saved as default settings by clicking on the Save Defaults button. Descriptions of items below can be found in the preceding sections.

Chart Settings Dialog

3.2 Price Indicators Price indicators display current price, high low (etc) on the price axis of a chart. By default, MotiveWave™ will display (where available) the Last Price, Best Bid, Best Ask, Daily High and Daily Low.

Other indicators may be (optionally) displayed in the vertical axis from overlays such as a Moving Average. If you would like to show a vertical line that moves with the indicator just double click on it (this will toggle the display of the line).

–  –  –

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