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For convenience, studies can be organized into templates. A template contains one or more studies with specific settings. To create a template, simply add and configure all of the studies you want to include on a chart. When you are satisfied with the studies and their settings, choose File - Template Save As Template (from the top menu bar, Note: File - Chart - Template - Save As Template from the Console).

Create Template (Step 1)

Save As Template Dialog (Step 2)

A study template can be applied to another chart by choosing File - Templates - Template Name from the top menu bar (Note: File - Chart - Templates - Template Name from the Console). Short cut keys are available to make this more convenient. Short cut keys are Alt + 1, Alt + 2 etc where the number key applies the template in the order they were created.

–  –  –

3.26.2 Managing Templates Your existing templates can be managed from the Manage Templates dialog. Choose File - Templates Manage Templates (from the top menu bar). From this dialog you can rename, delete or change the order of the templates. The template order affects the short cut keys (Alt + 1, Alt + 2 etc). Changing the order will affect which template applies to each short cut key sequence.

Manage Templates Dialog 3.26.3 Template Preferences Preferences for study templates can be found in the Preferences dialog. Click on Chart then on Templates. A default template can be configured (check the Use Default option). This will be displayed whenever you create a new chart.

The Link Templates option will apply a template to all charts that are part of the link group (if configured, see the Chart Linking section).

Template Preferences

–  –  –

3.27 Linking Charts Note: This feature is not available in Analyst or Trade Editions Chart linking is a powerful feature that enables you to apply an action to a set of charts (instead of a single chart at a time). By default charts are unlinked (no link group assigned). There are a few different ways to assign a link group to a chart. The simplest is to choose the link group from the status bar at the bottom of the window (Note: this also works for DOM and Time/Sales windows).

Link Chooser

–  –  –

Other windows such as the DOM and Time/Sales windows can also be given a link group. In the example below, two charts and a DOM Window have been assigned the same link color. Choosing a new symbol from the quick search box from one of the windows will automatically change the symbol for all windows in the link group.

–  –  –

3.27.1 Linking With Templates As discussed in the Study Templates section the linking feature can be used in conjunction with the Study Templates. If enabled (see Preferences Dialog, Chart - Templates tab), applying a template to one chart in the link group will apply the template to all charts in the link group.

–  –  –

3.27.2 Link All If you are working with the Console window (or a Chart Group), you will notice an additional linking option, Link All. This option will link all charts that are on the current page. This provides a convenient way to link all the charts on a page with one click (instead of choosing a link for each chart).

Link All Charts

3.28 Working with Chart Windows 3.28.1 Compact Mode Note: This feature is only available on Windows

–  –  –

3.28.2 Tile Windows The Tile Windows feature is useful to arrange your charts on a single monitor without having to position the windows manually. Start by arranging the chart windows roughly where you would like to place them. Once you have done this, right click on the title bar of one of the chart windows and choose Tile Windows (alternatively, press Ctrl + W). Note: on Mac OS X choose Window - Tile Windows from the top menu bar.

–  –  –

3.29 Replay Mode Note: This feature is not available in Analyst or Trade Editions Replay mode is a very useful feature that enables you to go back in time and replay market data. This can be very useful to practice your trading or to test your custom studies and/or strategies. The replay mode control can be accessed from the chart menu bar: View - Replay Mode (Note: there is also a button on the right hand side of the tool bar). When you click this menu item you will see the Replay Mode control appear on the chart.

Displaying Replay Mode Replay mode can be started by choosing a start date and pressing the power button.

Turn On Replay Mode Use the play, fast forward, reverse and stop buttons to step forward through the data. These buttons

work as follows:

1. Rewind – This will restart the replay mode from the beginning

2. Play – Step forward in time by 1 tick

3. Forward – Play ticks until the next bar is reached

4. Fast Forward – Play ticks continuously

–  –  –

When you are working in replay mode will work as if you are trading live back in that time frame. A special replay account is created to manage orders, positions and historical trades.

–  –  –

Replay Data Settings:

The following settings apply to the playback of data in replay mode:

1. Source Data – Options for source data include:

a. Bar Data – Each bar is used to generate 4 ticks: open, high, low and close

–  –  –

b. Minute Data – Minute data will be loaded from the data service to generate ticks (each minute bar will have 4 ticks: open, high, low and close c. Tick Data – If your broker/data service provides historical tick data, then this may be used

2. Generate Ticks – If this is enabled MotiveWave will generate a set of ticks to (beyond OHLC) for playback. This option does not apply to the Tick Data option

3. Tick Delay – this is the delay to add between the play of each tick.

4. Real Delay – If this option is checked, MotiveWave will simulate the delay between ticks by using the tick timestamps. Use this if you would like to simulate the actual playback of ticks in real time

5. Bar Delay – this is the delay to wait between the playback of each bar.

6. Replay Link – Use these options to link the replay mode across multiple charts.

Replay Account:

The replay account is useful if you intend to place trades in replay mode. If this is enabled, a special account will be created (see Account page in the Console) to track all orders, positions and historical trades for the replay session.

1. Trade Enabled – Make sure this box is checked if you intend place trades in replay mode

2. Account ID – This is the name of the account ID that will track trades

3. Base Currency – This will default to your base currency, but you can change it if you like

4. Cash Balance – Opening cash balance when you enable replay mode

5. Include Commissions – Check if you want trade commissions to be included in the P/L calculations.

3.29.2 Linking in Replay Mode The linking feature in MotiveWave™ enables you to use replay mode across several different charts at

the same time. The following steps explain how to include multiple charts in the same replay session:

1. Select the charts that you want to include and choose the instruments and bar sizes

2. Choose the same link color for each chart

3. Edit the Replay Settings

4. Choose Linked Charts and press the “Update” button Replay Linked Settings The following screen shot shows 4 charts that are part of the Red group and using the same replay


–  –  –

3.30 Alerts Note: alerts are not available in the Analyst or Trade Editions Alerts are a useful way to receive a notification when a particular event has occurred. This could be as simple as a price for a particular instrument has been reached or a trend line has been crossed. More advanced examples include comparing values from different studies.

Active alerts can be managed centrally from the Alerts panel in the Console. By default, this is included on the Home page. You can add an alerts panel anywhere in the console from the Add Tab button to the right of any panel tab.

–  –  –

3.30.1 Price Alerts The simplest type of alert is a Price Alert. A price alert does not require a chart in order to execute. It will triggered by the bid/ask or last price of an instrument. Price Alerts can be created directly from the Alerts panel or from the Price Axis of a chart.

Create Price Alert – Alerts Panel

–  –  –

The following dialog is shown when an alert is created from the Alerts panel. Alerts created from the Price Axis are similar except for the ability to choose an instrument (this is assumed from the chart).

–  –  –

Settings available in this panel are as follows:

1. Parameters a. Condition – This defines the criteria for triggering the alert. The first field (input) can be the Last Price (if available) Best Bid or Best Ask. The last field can be an absolute price.

Alternatively, it could be a relative value (click the Indicator box) such as Last Price, Best Bid or Best Ask. In the case of a Price Alert, this will be an absolute value in most cases.

Three types of operators are available for comparison:

i. Crosses – Input crosses above or below the second input ii. Crosses Above – Triggers the alert only if it crosses above the second input iii. Crosses Below – Triggers the alert only if it crosses below the second input iv. Touches – Triggers an alert if the target value is touched or crossed b. Trigger Multiple – If this option is checked, the alert will still be valid after it is first triggered. In this case this alert will be triggered indefinitely until it is explicitly cancelled.

c. Label / Comments – These fields enable you to add your own text to an email notification that is sent when the alert is triggered

2. Notification a. Show Alert – If true the Alert History window will be displayed when the alert is triggered b. Play Sound – A sound will be played when the alert is triggered. This can either be the preset sound or a specific sound file that you can specify.

c. Send Email – If enabled (and email sending has been configured), an email will be sent to the given email address when the alert is triggered.

3.30.2 Study Alerts Alerts can be based on values that are generated as part of a study. These types of alerts execute in the context of a chart and require the chart to be open in order to be active. Similar to a price alert, you can

–  –  –

Two types of comparisons can be made with a study alert:

1. Absolute Comparison – A study value is compared to a specific value (ie 0.1629 in the above example)

2. Relative Comparison – A study value is compared against another study value (in the same plot).

Click on the Indicator field to enable a relative comparison.

–  –  –

The example below illustrates a study alert where the value of one study KAMA(C,20) crosses the value of another study (Tenkan-Sen(9)). The alert is displayed where the intersection point would be between these two values.

Study Alert – Relative Comparison 3.30.3 Component Alerts Some components can be used to generate alerts. For example, you could create an alert for when a moving average crosses a trend line. If you would like to create this type of alert, right click on a trend line and choose Create Alert.

–  –  –

In the example below the study value KAMA(C,20) was chosen to cross the trend line. The alert label shows the current crossing value. Press the ‘C’ button to cancel the alert. The alert may be edited by double clicking the alert label or via right click and choosing Edit Alert.

–  –  –

Orders can be placed on a different instrument from where the alert was triggered. Market, Limit and stop orders are supported as order types.

3.30.5 Advanced Alert Settings Additional options on an alert can be specified from the Advanced tab. This tab enables to you adjust time times when the alert is applicable (or expires) and the display properties.

–  –  –

Time In Force The Time In Force section allows you to set an expiry date/time for an alert and optionally define times of the day when the alert is active.

1. Time Zone – The dates and times specified in this section will use the same time zone defined for the chart. This may optionally be overridden by unchecking the Use Default box.

2. Expires – Check the Enabled field to the right to specify a date/time when the alert will expire and be removed.

3. Session 1 – Defines a time of the day when the alert will be active

4. Session 2 – Define a secondary time of the day when the alert will be active.

Display The Display section allows you to override default display attributes for the alert.

3.30.6 Alert History The Alert History window displays alerts that have been triggered in the past. Choose View - Display Alert History Window from the top menu bar. If the chart where they were activated is still available, a Chart button will be available to view the chart that they originated from.

–  –  –

Historical alerts are also visible directly on the chart. Icons are displayed when and where (what price) and alert occurred. If you place the mouse cursor over one of the alarm clock icons, you can view detailed information.

Historical Alerts on the Chart 3.30.7 Alert Preferences Global alert preferences can be configured in the Preferences dialog (Configure - Preferences from the Console menu bar). The alert preferences will be found under the Alert tab (see below).

–  –  –

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