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«submitted in accordance with the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY WITH SPECIALISATION IN ADULT EDUCATION at the UNIVERSITY OF ...»

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This research explored the gender differences of adult male and female learners when acquiring English as a second or foreign language at one specific language learning centre in Qatar. This study was conducted by looking at the gender differences in cognitive styles, their motivation towards studying, the strategies they employ during language acquisition, the anxieties these learners experience, as well as the best teaching practices to accommodate them. The adult learner comes to the language learning classroom with a wealth of information, sometimes highly qualified in a specific field of expertise, but just unable to communicate effectively and fluently in the target language. These language learners are from the local Qatari population and a variety of nationalities from other Arabic speaking countries, as well as expatriates from around the world. Lecturers have a great responsibility to accommodate these learners in terms of their cultural beliefs, social needs and individual personalities, while at the same time, applying good teaching practices for language learning to be successful.

It is hoped that this study would in future be beneficial to other lecturers from native English speaking countries and that the findings would be insightful to them.


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