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«by Naoko Ishikawa A thesis submitted to The University of Birmingham for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY The Shakespeare Institute The Department ...»

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Together, with a new invented art of logick, so plain and easie by way of questions and answers, that the meanest capacity may in a short time attain to a perfection in the wayes of arguing and disputing (London: Printed for N. Brooks, at the Angel in Cornhill, 1658) Proctor, A Gorgious Gallery, of Gallant Inventions, STC 20402 Proctor, Thomas, A gorgious gallery, of gallant inuentions. Garnished and decked with diuers dayntie deuises, right delicate and delightfull, to recreate eche modest minde withall.

First framed and fashioned in sundrie formes, by diuers worthy workemen of late dayes: and now, ioyned together and builded vp: By T.P (Imprinted at London: [By W.

How] for Richard Iones, 1578) Puttenham, The Art of English Poesy, STC 20519.5 Puttenham, George, The arte of English poesie. Contriued into three bookes: the first of poets and poesie, the second of proportion, the third of ornament (At London: Printed by Richard Field, dwelling in the black-Friers, neere Ludgate, 1589) Rich, Greene’s News Both from Heaven and Hell, 12259 Rich, Barnabe, Greenes newes both from heauen and hell. Prohibited the first for writing of bookes, and banished out of the last for displaying of conny-catchers. Commended to the presse by B.R. (At London : Printed [by widow Charlewood], 1593) Robinson, A Handful of Pleasant Delights, STC 21104.5, 21105, 21105.5 Robinson, Clement, A handefull of pleasant delites, containing sudrie new sonets and delectable histories, in diuers kindes of meeter. Newly deuised to the newest tunes that are now in vse, to be sung: euerie sonet orderly pointed to his proper tune. With new additions of certain songs, to verie late deuised notes, not commonly knowen, nor vsed heretofore, by Clement Robinson, and diuers others (At London: Printed by Richard Ihones: dwelling at the signe of the Rose and Crowne, neare Holburne Bridge, 1584) Rowlands, Democritus, or Doctor Merry-man, STC 21366 Rowlands, Samuel, Democritus, or Doctor Merry-man his medicines, against melancholy humors. Written by S.R ([London]: Printed [by William Jaggard] for Iohn Deane, and are to be sold at his shop at Temple-barre, vnder the gate, [1607]) Rowlands, Humor’s Ordinary, STC 21395 Rowlands, Samuel, Humors ordinarie. Where a man may bee verie merrie, and exceeding well vsed for his six-pence (At London: Printed by Edward Allde, for William Firebrand and are to bee sold at his shoppe in the Popes head Alley, right ouer against the Tauerne-doore, 1607) Rowlands, The Letting of Humour's Blood in the Head-vaine, STC 21393.5 Rowlands, Samuel, The lettin[g] of humours blood in the head-vaine with a new morissco, daunced by seauen satyres, vpon the bottome of Diog[e?]nes tube (At London: Printed by W. White for W.F., 1600) Shakespeare, The First Folio of Shakespeare, STC 22273 Shakespeare, William, Mr. VVilliam Shakespeares comedies, histories, & tragedies. Published according to the true originall copies (London: printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed. Blount [at the charges of W. Iaggard, Ed. Blount, I. Smithweeke, and W. Aspley], 1623) Shakespeare, Q1 Hamlet, STC 22275 Shakespeare, William, The tragicall historie of Hamlet Prince of Denmarke by William Shake-speare. As it hath beene diuerse times acted by his Highnesse seruants in the cittie of London: as also in the two vniuersities of Cambridge and Oxford, and else-where (At London: Printed [by Valentine Simmes] for N[icholas]. L[ing]. and Iohn Trundell, 1603) Shakespeare, Q2 Hamlet, STC 22276a Shakespeare, William, The tragicall historie of Hamlet, Prince of Denmarke. By William Shakespeare (At London: Printed by I. R[oberts] for N. L[ing] and are to be sold at his shoppe vnder Saint Dunstons Church in Fleetstreet, 1605) Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 1, STC 22280 Shakespeare, William, The history of Henrie the Fourth; vvith the battell at Shrewsburie, betweene the King and Lord Henry Percy, surnamed Henrie Hotspur of the north. With the humorous conceits of Sir Iohn Falstalffe [sic] (At London: Printed by P[eter] S[hort] for Andrew Wise, dwelling in Paules Churchyard, at the signe of the Angell, 1598) Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice, STC 22296 Shakespeare, William, The most excellent historie of the merchant of Venice. VVith the extreame crueltie of Shylocke the Iewe towards the sayd merchant, in cutting a iust pound of his flesh: and the obtayning of Portia by the choyse of three chests. As it hath beene diuers times acted by the Lord Chamberlaine his Seruants. Written by William Shakespeare (At London: printed by I[ames]. R[oberts]. for Thomas Heyes, and are to be sold in Paules Church-yard, at the signe of the Greene Dragon, 1600) Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, STC 22304 Shakespeare, William, Much adoe about nothing. As it hath been sundrie times publikely acted by the right honourable, the Lord Chamberlaine his seruants. Written by William Shakespeare (London: Printed by V[alentine]. S[immes]. for Andrew Wise, and

William Aspley, 1600)

Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, STC 22322 Shakespeare, William, An excellent conceited tragedie of Romeo and Iuliet. As it hath been often (with great applause) plaid publiquely, by the right Honourable the L. of Hunsdon his Seruants (London: Printed by Iohn Danter [and Edward Allde], 1597) Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, STC 22323 Shakespeare, William, The most excellent and lamentable tragedie, of Romeo and Iuliet.

Newly corrected, augmented, and amended: as it hath bene sundry times publiquely acted, by the right Honourable the Lord Chamberlaine his Seruants (London: Printed by Thomas Creede, for Cuthbert Burby, and are to be sold at his shop neare the Exchange, 1599) Shirley, The Ball, STC 4995 Shirley, James, The ball. A comedy, as it vvas presented by her Majesties Servants, at the

private House in Drury Lane. Written by George Chapman, and Iames Shirly (London:

printed by Tho. Cotes, for Andrew Crooke, and William Cooke, 1639) Spenser (and Harvey), Three Proper, and Witty, Familiar Letters, STC 23095 Spenser, Edmund, Three proper, and wittie, familiar letters: lately passed betvveene tvvo vniuersitie men: touching the earthquake in Aprill last, and our English refourmed versifying. With the preface of a wellwiller to them both (Imprinted at London: by H.

Bynneman, dvvelling in Thames streate, neere vnto Baynardes Castell, Anno Domini 1580) Stow, Annals, STC 23338 Stow, John, The annales, or a generall chronicle of England, begun first by maister Iohn Stow, and after him continued and augmented with matters forreyne, and domestique, auncient and moderne, vnto the ende of this present yeere 1614. by Edmond Howes, gentleman (Londini: [Printed by Thomas Dawson] impensis Thomæ Adams, 1615) Stradling, Joannis Stradlingi Epigrammatum Libri Quatuor, STC 23354 Stradling, John, Ioannis Stradlingi Epigrammatum libri quatuor (Londini: [printed by Eliot’s Court Press] impensis Georgii Bishop & Ioannis Norton, Dom. 1607) Stubbes, The Anatomy of Abuses, Part 2, STC 23380 Stubbs, Phillip, The second part of the anatomie of abuses, conteining the display of corruptions, with a perfect description of such imperfections, blemishes and abuses, as now reigning in euerie degree, require reformation for feare of Gods vengeance to be powred vpon the people and countrie, without speedie repentance, and conuersion vnto God: made dialogwise by Phillip Stubbes (London: Printed by R. W[ard] for William Wright, and are to be sold at his shop ioining to S. Mildreds Church in the Poultrie, being the middle shop in the rowe, [1583]) Tarlton, A Very Lamentable and Woeful Discourse of the Fierce Floods, STC 23688 Tarlton, Richard, A very lamentable and woful discours of the fierce fluds, whiche lately flowed in Bedford shire, in Lincoln shire, and iu [sic] many other places, with the great losses of sheep and other cattel. The v. of October. Anno Domini 1570. (Imprinted at London: At the long Shop adioyning vnto Saint Mildreds Churche in the Pultrye, by Iohn Allde, 1570) Taylor, All the Works of John Taylor the Water-Poet, STC 23725 Taylor, John, All the vvorkes of Iohn Taylor the water-poet. Beeing sixty and three in number.

Collected into one volume by the author: vvith sundry new additions, corrected, reuised, and newly imprinted, 1630 (At London: printed by I[ohn] B[eale, Elizabeth Allde, Bernard Alsop, and Thomas Fawcet] for Iames Boler; at the signe of the Marigold in Pauls Churchyard, 1630) Taylor, Great O Toole, STC 23762 Taylor, John, The great O Toole (London: Printed [by Edward Allde] for Henry Gosson, 1622) Taylor, Odcomb’s Complaint, STC 23780 Taylor, John, Odcombs complaint: or Coriats funerall epicedium: or death-song, vpon his late reported drowning. With his epitaph in the Barmuda, and Utopian tongues. And translated into English by Iohn Taylor ([London]: Printed for merrie recreation [by G.

Eld], and are to be sold at the salutation in Vtopia [by W. Burre?], 1613) Throckmorton, M. Some Laid Open in His Colours, STC 12342 Throckmorton, Job, M. Some laid open in his coulers: VVherein the indifferent reader may easily see, hovve vvretchedly and loosely he hath handeled the cause against M. Penri.

Done by an Oxford man, to his friend in Cambridge ([La Rochelle: R. Waldegrave, 1589]) Tourneur, Laugh and Lie Down, STC 24148.7 Tourneur, Cyril, Laugh and lie dovvne: or, The worldes folly (Printed at London: [By William Jaggard] for Ieffrey Chorlton, and are to be sold at his shop, at the great north dore of saint Paules, 1605) Tusser, Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, STC 24376 Tusser, Thomas, Fiue hundreth points of good husbandry vnited to as many of good huswiferie, first deuised, [and] nowe lately augmented with diuerse approued lessons concerning hopps [and] gardening, and other needeful matters together, with an abstract before euery moneth, conteining the whole effect of the sayd moneth with a table [and] a preface in the beginning both necessary to be reade, for the better vnderstanding of the booke. Set forth by Thomas Tusser gentleman, seruant to the honorable Lord Paget of Beudesert (Impritned at London: In Flete strete within Temple barre, at the signe of the Hand [and] starre by Rychard Totell, anno. 1573) Weelkes, Airs or Fantastic Spirits for Three Voices, STC 25202 Weelkes, Thomas, Ayeres or phantasticke spirites for three voices, made and newly published by Thomas Weelkes, gentleman of his Maiesties chappell, Batchelar of Musicke, and organest of the Cathedral Church of Chichester (London: Printed by [John Windet for] William Barley, and are to be sold at his shoppe in Gracious street, 1608) Williams, Roger, A Brief Discourse of War, STC 25733 Williams, Roger, A briefe discourse of vvarre. VVritten by Sir Roger VVilliams Knight; vvith his opinion concerning some parts of the martiall discipline. Newly perused (Imprinted at London: by Thomas Orwin, dwelling in Paternoster Row, ouer against the signe of the Checker, 1590) Wilson, The Three Lords and Three Ladies of London, STC 25783 Wilson, Robert, The pleasant and stately morall, of the three lordes and three ladies of London. With the great ioy and pompe, solempnized at their mariages: commically interlaced with much honest mirth, for pleasure and recreation, among many morall obseruations and other important matters of due regard. by R.W (London: printed by R.

Ihones, at the Rose and Crowne neere Holburne Bridge, 1590) Wilson, The Art of Rhetoric, STC 25799 Wilson, Thomas, The arte of rhetorique, for the vse of all suche as are studious of eloquence, sette forth in English, by Thomas Wilson ([London]: Richardus Graftonus, typographus regius excudebat], Anno Domini. M. D. LIII. [1553] Mense Ianuarij) Wither, The Scholar’s Purgatory, STC 25919 Wither, George, The schollers purgatory, discouered in the Stationers common-wealth, and discribed in a discourse apologeticall, asvvell for the publike aduantage of the Church, the state & vvhole common-vvealth of England, as for the remedy of priuate iniuryes.

By Geo: VVither ([London]: Imprinted [by G. Wood] for the honest Stationers, 1624) Wood, Athenae Oxonienses, WING W3382 Wood, Anthony à, Athenæ Oxonienses. An exact history of all the vvriters and bishops who have had their education in the most ancient and famous University of Oxford, from the fifteenth year of King Henry the Seventh, Dom. 1500, to the end of the year 1690.

Representing the birth, fortune, preferment, and death of all those authors and prelates, the great accidents of their lives, and the fate and character of their writings. To which are added, the Fasti or Annals, of the said university, for the same time. The first volume, extending to the 16th year of King Charles I. Dom. 1640 (London: Printed for Tho. Bennet at the Half-Moon in S. Paul’s Churchyard, 1691) Wright, The Passions of the Mind, STC 26039 Wright, Thomas, The passions of the minde By Th. W. (London: Printed by V[alentine].

S[immes] for W. B[urre], 1601) Wright, The Passions of the Mind, STC 26040 Wright, Thomas, The passions of the minde in generall. Corrected, enlarged, and with sundry new discourses augmented. By Thomas Wright. With a treatise thereto adioyning of the clymatericall yeare, occasioned by the death of Queene Elizabeth (London: Printed by Valentine Simmes [and Adam Islip] for Walter Burre, [and Thomas Thorpe] and are to be sold [by Walter Burre] in Paules Churchyard at the signe of the Crane, anno. 1604) Wright, The Passions of the Mind, STC 26041 Wright, Thomas, The passions of the minde in generall. In sixe bookes. By Thomas Wright (London: Printed by A[ugustine] M[athewes] for Anne Helme, and are to be sold at her shop in Saint Dunstons church-yard in Fleetstreet,1620) Wright, The Passions of the Mind, STC 26042 Wright, Thomas, The passions of the minde in generall. In sixe bookes. Corrected, enlarged, and with sundry new discourses augmented: by Thomas Wright (London: printed by A[ugustine] M[athewes] for Anne Helme, and are to be sold at her shop in Saint Dunstons church-yard in Fleetstreet, 1621) Wright, The Passions of the Mind, STC 26043 Wright, Thomas, The passions of the minde in generall. In six bookes. Corrected, enlarged, and with sundry new discourses augmented: by Thomas Wright (London: Printed by Miles Flesher, and are to be sold by Robert Davvlman, at the Brasen Serpent in Pauls Church-yard, 1630) Critical and Modern Editions by authors, then titles used throughout Anon, The Cobbler of Canterbury Creigh, Geoffrey, and Jane Belfield, ed., The Cobler of Caunterburie and Tarltons Newes out of Purgatorie, with Introduction, Notes, Commentaris and Glossaries (Leiden: E. J.

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